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Items Price Quantity Buy
The Ebon Hawk Empire 1000 K $ 4.65
The Ebon Hawk Empire 2000 K $ 9.30
The Ebon Hawk Empire 3000 K $ 13.95
The Ebon Hawk Empire 4000 K $ 18.60
The Ebon Hawk Empire 5000 K $ 23.25
The Ebon Hawk Empire 6000 K $ 27.90
The Ebon Hawk Empire 7000 K $ 32.55
The Ebon Hawk Empire 8000 K $ 37.20
The Ebon Hawk Empire 9000 K $ 41.85
The Ebon Hawk Empire 10000 K $ 46.50
The Ebon Hawk Empire 20000 K $ 93.00
The Ebon Hawk Empire 30000 K $ 139.50
The Ebon Hawk Empire 40000 K $ 186.00
The Ebon Hawk Empire 50000 K $ 232.50
The Ebon Hawk Empire 60000 K $ 279.00
The Ebon Hawk Empire 70000 K $ 325.50
The Ebon Hawk Empire 80000 K $ 372.00

Buyers Notice:
1. Come to our site to place an order for how much credits you needed.
2. To fill in the basic information and the character, and to pay for it.
3. If you do not receive the credits you bought for a long time, you can contact our live help for helping.

Delivery Notice:
1. When receiving your orders, we will check buyer’s basic information and the character. 
2. After confirming, we will access into swtor and input your character and the swtor credits amount according to the buyer’s order information, and then click the send button.
3. Our Live help is online 24/7, any doubts for the credits trading, buyers can contact them directly.

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