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- The day that Telegram gets into group video calling has finally arrived

The day that Telegram gets into group video calling has finally arrived. In case you forgot, that’s OK. It has been more than a year since the company announced it was working on the feature. But hey, better late than never, right?

Telegram says an unlimited number of users can participate in an audio call, but group video calls will be limited to the first 30 people who join a voice chat. The company plans to increase that limit “soon,” it said in its announcement. Users can also share their screens during a video call.

Telegram added the ability to share your screen, too. While on video, you have the option to either switch back and forth between your camera and the content on your screen or display both simultaneously.

To accompany these new features, Telegram has also improved noise suppression in voice chats. So, if you're on a call while in a noisy environment, it'll help to keep your audio clear for everyone. With a new toggle added, you're able to turn this feature on and off manually via your Settings.

Not even counting the fact Telegram is adding group video calls later than many of its rivals, it’s been a long wait for the feature to come to the messaging app. Back in April 2020, Telegram said it would add group video calling sometime later that same year. The end of 2020 came and went without a release. Then, almost exactly a year after its initial announcement on the subject, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said the company would release the tool sometime in May. Obviously, Telegram missed that deadline too, but now that group video calling is finally in the app, you have to imagine many Telegram users will appreciate the addition.

Group video calls weren’t the only thing Telegram rolled out in recent days. The company also added animated backgrounds to its app, which are gradient wallpapers that are algorithmically generated and move every time you send a message. You can also choose to create your own background and share your background with others. If you’re a bot fan, Telegram has added a menu button that lets you browse and send commands to make it easier to communicate with them.

Telegram also released a few features limited to the desktop app specifically:

    Users will now have the ability to screen share selective desktop apps, like a web browser or video player (rather than broadcasting their entire screen)
    Voice chats will open in a separate window
    Those who share their screen will automatically be pinned on the call is one of the best websites you can purchase your social media accounts from. This website is known for its secured transactions, especially when dealing with bulk orders. ensures to deliver your purchased Telegram Account after verifying your transaction instantly. also provides you a supportive staff to help you with any defects you might experience with your purchased account.
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