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Amnennar TBC - Alliance Amnennar TBC - Horde
Anathema TBC - Alliance Anathema TBC - Horde
Arcanite Reaper TBC - Alliance Arcanite Reaper TBC - Horde
Arugal TBC - Alliance Arugal TBC - Horde
Ashbringer TBC - Alliance Ashbringer TBC - Horde
Ashkandi TBC - Alliance Ashkandi TBC - Horde
Atiesh TBC - Alliance Atiesh TBC - Horde
Auberdine TBC - Alliance Auberdine TBC - Horde
Azuresong TBC - Alliance Azuresong TBC - Horde

Benediction TBC - Alliance Benediction TBC - Horde
Bigglesworth TBC - Alliance Bigglesworth TBC - Horde
Blaumeux TBC - Alliance Blaumeux TBC - Horde
Bloodfang TBC - Alliance Bloodfang TBC - Horde
Bloodsail Buccaneers TBC - Alliance Bloodsail Buccaneers TBC - Horde

Celebras TBC - Alliance Celebras TBC - Horde

Deviate Delight TBC - Alliance Deviate Delight TBC - Horde
Dragon's Call TBC - Alliance Dragon's Call TBC - Horde
Dragonfang TBC - Alliance Dragonfang TBC - Horde
Dreadmist TBC - Alliance Dreadmist TBC - Horde

Earthfury TBC - Alliance Earthfury TBC - Horde
Earthshaker TBC - Alliance Earthshaker TBC - Horde
Everlook TBC - Alliance Everlook TBC - Horde

Faerlina TBC - Alliance Faerlina TBC - Horde
Fairbanks TBC - Alliance Fairbanks TBC - Horde
Felstriker TBC - Alliance Felstriker TBC - Horde
Finkle TBC - Alliance Finkle TBC - Horde
Firemaw TBC - Alliance Firemaw TBC - Horde
Flamelash TBC - Alliance Flamelash TBC - Horde

Gandling TBC - Alliance Gandling TBC - Horde
Gehennas TBC - Alliance Gehennas TBC - Horde
Golemagg TBC - Alliance Golemagg TBC - Horde
Grobbulus TBC - Alliance Grobbulus TBC - Horde

Harbinger of Doom TBC - Alliance Harbinger of Doom TBC - Horde
Heartseeker TBC - Alliance Heartseeker TBC - Horde
Heartstriker TBC - Alliance Heartstriker TBC - Horde
Herod TBC - Alliance Herod TBC - Horde
Hydraxian Waterlords TBC - Alliance Hydraxian Waterlords TBC - Horde

Incendius TBC - Alliance Incendius TBC - Horde

Judgement TBC - Alliance Judgement TBC - Horde

Kirtonos TBC - Alliance Kirtonos TBC - Horde
Kromcrush TBC - Alliance Kromcrush TBC - Horde
Kurinnaxx TBC - Alliance Kurinnaxx TBC - Horde

Lakeshire TBC - Alliance Lakeshire TBC - Horde
Loatheb TBC - Alliance Loatheb TBC - Horde
Lucifron TBC - Alliance Lucifron TBC - Horde

Mandokir TBC - Alliance Mandokir TBC - Horde
Mankrik TBC - Alliance Mankrik TBC - Horde
Mirage Raceway TBC - Alliance Mirage Raceway TBC - Horde
Mograine TBC - Alliance Mograine TBC - Horde
Myzrael TBC - Alliance Myzrael TBC - Horde

Nethergarde Keep TBC - Alliance Nethergarde Keep TBC - Horde
Netherwind TBC - Alliance Netherwind TBC - Horde
Noggenfogger TBC - Alliance Noggenfogger TBC - Horde

Old Blanchy TBC - Alliance Old Blanchy TBC - Horde

Pagle TBC - Alliance Pagle TBC - Horde
Patchwerk TBC - Alliance Patchwerk TBC - Horde
Pyrewood Village TBC - Alliance Pyrewood Village TBC - Horde

Rattlegore TBC - Alliance Rattlegore TBC - Horde
Razorfen TBC - Alliance Razorfen TBC - Horde
Razorgore TBC - Alliance Razorgore TBC - Horde
Remulos TBC - Alliance Remulos TBC - Horde
Retro TBC - Alliance Retro TBC - Horde
Rhok'delar(Рок Делар) TBC - Alliance Rhok'delar(Рок Делар) TBC - Horde

Shazzrah TBC - Alliance Shazzrah TBC - Horde
Skeram TBC - Alliance Skeram TBC - Horde
Skullflame TBC - Alliance Skullflame TBC - Horde
Smolderweb TBC - Alliance Smolderweb TBC - Horde
Stalagg TBC - Alliance Stalagg TBC - Horde
Stonespine TBC - Alliance Stonespine TBC - Horde
Sul'thraze TBC - Alliance Sul'thraze TBC - Horde
Sulfuras TBC - Alliance Sulfuras TBC - Horde
Sulfuron TBC - Alliance Sulfuron TBC - Horde

Ten Storms TBC - Alliance Ten Storms TBC - Horde
Thalnos TBC - Alliance Thalnos TBC - Horde
Thunderfury TBC - Alliance Thunderfury TBC - Horde
Transcendence TBC - Alliance Transcendence TBC - Horde

Venoxis TBC - Alliance Venoxis TBC - Horde

Westfall TBC - Alliance Westfall TBC - Horde
Whitemane TBC - Alliance Whitemane TBC - Horde
Windseeker TBC - Alliance Windseeker TBC - Horde
Wyrmthalak(3мейталак) TBC - Alliance Wyrmthalak(3мейталак) TBC - Horde

Yojamba TBC - Alliance Yojamba TBC - Horde

Zandalar Tribe TBC - Alliance Zandalar Tribe TBC - Horde

Gold is the main currency in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. And, to be honest, it’s the main currency in the Retail WoW as well, but there are some differences. In The Burning Crusade Classic, there’s only 1 class that can actually farm large packs of mobs. So, for the vast majority of players, farming yourself some gold is not an easy task. But you simply have to do it, because you are in constant need of gold despite your current level.

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