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- The most standout thing about Shadow Fight 2 is actually its aesthetic

When games originate in the mobile space and then migrate to the PC or a dedicated gaming platform, there are a few genres that make sense. Puzzle games, platformers, racing games, and even a few RPGs have proven that they can originate on iOS and Android and end up being very good platform titles with more physical control schemes. Fighting games, however, aren't a genre you'd normally associate with the mobile space, even though the more successful ones have been re-imaginings of their console relatives. Shadow Fight 2 is an exception, as it premiered on mobile platforms to good reviews, prompting the expansion to consoles — starting with the Nintendo Switch.

The most standout thing about Shadow Fight 2 is actually its aesthetic which features the two combatants as silhouettes against some mostly good looking and colorful backgrounds that look like they could have been taken from a graphic novel. While a few might lament that the well-done character art featured elsewhere in the game isn’t brought to full, animated life thanks to this direction, this choice ultimately gives the game a strong, refreshing sense of identity. It’s also worth noting that those animations help enhance not just the visual experience, but the gameplay as well.

The game’s story mode starts you off as Shadow, a fighter stripped of his identity forced into a competing through ever-increasing challenges of tournaments and boss battle encounters. The story is delivered similarly in fashion to anyone familiar with popular fighting games.

The game has been optimized for the Switch, with Nekki working hard all year to bring the ultimate version to the hybrid console. It’s a fitting home too, since Shadow Fight 2 is a hybrid itself, combining the popular genres of fighting and RPGs. Over 300 million mobile gamers already enjoy the game, which also takes inspiration from martial arts games and the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

The game is presented as a 2D fighter, and while that might instantly conjure up a gameplay style similar to Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, you're given something closer to Samurai Shodown. The fact that almost everyone uses a weapon in combat certainly makes the comparison easy to see, but the actual fighting is also reminiscent of the SNK classic. Movements are deliberate and a bit slow, so every attack you make is a commitment — so much so that players who don't adjust to the slower pacing will leave themselves open.

While it’s worth mentioning that there is a story driving the action, the plot itself isn’t really all that interesting. When you boot up the game, you’re shown a cool, animated cut scene showing how your character was reduced to a shadow after his hubris led him to unleash seven evil demons upon the world, but after that the story is really just a scaffolding for the gameplay loop. You do meet some mildly interesting characters along your journey and some have backstories you can explore, but none are really any more compelling.

Shadow Fight 2 is a game best enjoyed by those that like both fighting and strategy combined under one roof. While some of the mobile port and simplistic nature may turn some off, but those that enjoy a good fighting game, this game belongs on your Switch. is really a good choice. As the most professional Shadow Fight 2 Gems site in the industry, we has a 100% secure transaction system and a 24/7 online customer service team. Here, players can provide a full range of high-quality services. When players purchase Shadow Fight 2 Gems , they will find that the final price paid on this website is lower than that of other websites. Countless Shadow Fight 2 players have also become repeat customers because of sufficient inventory and instant delivery satisfaction. So let's experience it together.
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