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Cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold - This is guide about how to upgrade heirlooms in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft’s ever-expanding universe is filled to the brim with treasures that will help you level up your character in the game.Heirlooms are a highly useful way for World of Warcraft players to achieve maximum quality of life when leveling alternate characters.

What are WoW Shadowlands Heirlooms?
Heirloom Items are a special class of items that can be bought for gold. Their power scales with the Level of your character, meaning that they can be worn for the entirety of the leveling process. Until Shadowlands, they also offer an XP Bonus.

Heirloom gear scales with the player's level making it powerful no matter the level, and saving players needing to replace gear every few levels.

Instead of each piece of gear giving a % experience bonus, Heirloom gear now has a set bonus that increases with more gear you have equipped.

An heirloom can be upgraded four different times. Once you’ve upgraded it all the way, any character on your account that can use that item will have access to the fully boosted heirloom.By default, heirlooms will scale with a character up to level 28. But after that, you’ll need to upgrade it to have the item scale any further.

How to upgrade Heirlooms in WoW
If you have one of these elusive items, though, you may have noticed that your item has a level – 0/4, for example. This is because Heirlooms need to be upgraded in order to scale with your level.

You’ll need to have some gold on hand to purchase leveling items from either Heirloom Curators, Scabbards, or Armor Casings.

The leveling system goes as follows:
  •     Upgrade 1 – scales to level 35.
  •     Upgrade 2 – scales to level 40.
  •     Upgrade 3 – scales to level 45.
  •     Upgrade 4 – scales to level 50.

Some items do scale to Level 44 immediately, however, you will still need to buy the fourth upgrade to get them to Level 50.

The set bonuses for wearing multiple Heirloom Items are:
  •     2 Pieces: Rested XP consumption is reduced by 30%. This simply makes your Rested XP period last longer.
  •     4 Pieces: Increases your health generation while out of combat, letting you recover quickly from tough fights.
  •     5 Pieces: Whenever you level up, you activate a Burst of Knowledge, dealing AoE damage and giving you a 40% main stat bonus for 2 minutes. Killing enemies extends this buff up to 4 minutes. It can be kept up as long as you keep killing mobs before it expires.
  •     6 Pieces: Rested XP consumption is reduced by an additional 30%. This simply makes your Rested XP period last longer.

WoW Shadowlands How To Buy And Upgrade Heirlooms
The main source of Heirlooms is purchased from Krom Soutatm in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge and Estelle Gendry in Orgrimmar.

Heirloom gear starts at rank 0/4 which will work up to level 29 and players will need to purchase upgrades to reach the max level.

Each upgrade goes from level 29 > 35 > 40 > 45 > 50. Based on previous expansions we can expect a further upgrade to level 60 later in the expansion.

All heirloom upgrade items can be purchased for gold from Krom Stoutarm in Ironforge for Alliance players and Estelle Gendry in Orgrimmar for the Horde. Gendry can also be found in the Rogue’s Quarter of Undercity if you haven’t yet completed Battle for Azeroth’s Battle for Lordaeron event.

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