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Cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold - Blizzard decided to make an change to Cannibal Corpse NPC previously named in WoW

In the wake of the legal turmoil surrounding Activision Blizzard, several alterations have been made to games, including the iconic World of Warcraft. While these changes appear to have been made to manage public opinion in the middle of several lawsuits, including one that directly addresses gender discrimination and Activision Blizzard's reported frat boy culture, some may have more basis than others. One recent change made to a World of Warcraft NPC seems to have caught many fans off-guard.

“Gorge the Corpsegrinder” was an NPC and quest-giver that paid homage to the death metal vocalist, an outspoken WoW fan and a prominent player for the multiplayer online game’s Horde faction. However, calls to remove Corpsegrinder from WoW began in September when gamers shed light on homophobic remarks Fisher made in a 2007 interview.

However, as spotted by Metal Hammer, the character has been rebranded “Annihilator Grek’lor” after homophobic statements from Fisher resurfaced. In a 2007 interview, Fisher referred to the Alliance as the “homo-alliance” and called the Horde’s rival faction “fucking emo cocksuckers”.

According to a WoWhead article, the upcoming 9.1.5 patch will see Gorge the Corpsegrinder renamed to Annihilator Grek’lor, with a couple of in-game quests also being adjusted.

However, Fisher's history with World of Warcraft isn't limited to the 2007 appearance--he was also invited on stage during BlizzCon 2011, where he appeared alongside the real-life Elite Tauren Chieftain band. The guest appearance was even introduced with a censored clip from the 2007 interview. While the decision to feature Fisher's interview led to an apology from both the Elite Tauren Chieftain band and CEO Mike Morhaime, the NPC referencing him remained unchanged until now, which has led some players to question the intent behind Blizzard's recent creative decisions.

Parallel to the Corpsegrinder controversy is a separate lawsuit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing against parent company Activision Blizzard, accusing the company of having a “frat boy culture” that is a “breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women.”

In recent months, other changes in World of Warcraft include removing developers’ names from the game, stripping out sex jokes and innuendo, and even trimming “suggestive” dialogue.
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