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- MIR 4 allows players to gather utility coins known as DRACO

On August 26th, the blockbuster MMORPG "MIR 4" will be released by Wemade Co., Ltd. published in 170 countries and 12 languages. MIR 4 can be pre-downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Steam and the company's official website.

The video game, which was launched Thursday, allows players to gather utility coins known as DRACO. In turn, the coins can be exchanged for Darksteel – an essential resource used in the game, and vice versa. Utility coins or tokens are those that can be exchanged for a good or service.

MIR4 has 4 classes being them Warrior, Sorcerer, Taioist and Spearman, all of them with 13 abilities each. There are also 4 ways or branches to grow in the game, through hunting, gathering, mining and meditation, bringing progression and benefits to the player.

As for the gameplay - everything here is classic for mobile MMORPGs. A huge number of quests, an in-game auction where you can trade with other players, and an extensive skill leveling. There are only 4 classes in the game, but new classes can be expected in the future.

According to the coin’s webpage, DRACO’s real value is derived from its nominal value with a share dividends-based bonus. Its intrinsic value, meanwhile, is “guaranteed” via the value of resources derived from the game, according to the game’s publisher, Wemade Co..

The price for DRACO stands at around $6.25 and has jumped 221% over the last 24-hours.

The game – which has been released in 170 countries and in 12 languages – can be played on different platforms and downloaded on a mobile phone or PC.

MIR 4 stands for the mysterious, elegant beauty of the Orient in an MMORPG game. Here are some of the unique features that players were particularly interested in:
  •     Many individual options when creating the characters: the players can determine their appearance exactly
  •     Via "Clan" the players can make progress and develop themselves together with other clan members
  •     With “Free Loot” players can develop strategies and compete for the treasure that was stolen from the field boss
  •     "Mystery" gives you the ability to travel from continent to continent and discover the hidden stories of MIR 4.

MIR4 was first launched in Korea in November 2020 and was immediately successful, ranking first in download charts in major Korean app markets, and securing a solid player base. It received positive feedback from global players regarding its exciting battle system among the clans fighting over ‘Valley,’ the major source of Darksteel.

As said above, another MMORPG that seems generic at first glance, but that has its charm. Everything is very well done.

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