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- What Burning Crusade offers is the exploration of the Outlands

Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool to tap on, but the flip side is that sometimes, audiences can remember something fondly without the filters that allow us to reexamine things in their proper context. It’s why we adore the video games that defined our childhood, but not ever remembering the subpar graphics, inferior voice acting or gameplay that might not have aged well.

Jumping back into Azeroth was like stepping into a time machine for some players, but when TBC Classic comes out on June 1, it might not have the same magic to it, in part because of elements from Retail that are leaking over.

“What Burning Crusade offers is the exploration of the Outlands, and for many people, a return to where they were in 2007, a chance to relive those days. , something you've only heard about in the old days, like Illidan and Kael'thas, making Shattered Halls... these players can finally experience it for the first time. It depends on the perspective they take part in. Some people think they already have it. game solved, while others want to go blind and try everything for the first time. But it will be a great adventure for everyone."

In short, Burning Crusade Classic also benefits from some technological advances made by Blizzard over the years. Yet its different and more essential structure stimulates in users different behaviors than those of the "standard" version: "There is a specific chat to search for groups present since the beginning, but it is rarely used in modern World of Warcraft", he called Birmingham. "In Classic we have noticed that this chat is much more used and we are very pleased: the main way to find a group is to talk to other people". There are also aspects of the old World of Warcraft that are no longer compatible with the busy lives of many. Birmingham tells us that it was an incredible experience for him to travel with other companions to face dungeons together, but now he no longer has time for such long sessions. In a way, the immediacy of the new World of Warcraft allowed him to continue playing with pleasure.

For The Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard is offering a one-time boost for a character to level 58 in the “Dark Portal Pass” and Deluxe editions, along with other upgrades, in addition to the option to bring over toons from Classic.

Since participating in the Burning Crusade Classic will mean your character has to leave WoW Classic behind, Blizzard created the cloning service that allowed players to clone their characters so they can enjoy both servers.

However, the cloning fee had faced a massive backlash due to its premium cost, and it didn’t take Blizzard long before they announced that it was reducing the US$35 fee to just US$15.

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