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Israphel US-Asmodians 100 M Kinah $ 9.49
Israphel US-Asmodians 120 M Kinah $ 11.39
Israphel US-Asmodians 150 M Kinah $ 14.24
Israphel US-Asmodians 200 M Kinah $ 18.98
Israphel US-Asmodians 250 M Kinah $ 23.73
Israphel US-Asmodians 300 M Kinah $ 28.47
Israphel US-Asmodians 400 M Kinah $ 37.96
Israphel US-Asmodians 500 M Kinah $ 47.45
Israphel US-Asmodians 600 M Kinah $ 56.94
Israphel US-Asmodians 700 M Kinah $ 66.43
Israphel US-Asmodians 800 M Kinah $ 75.92
Israphel US-Asmodians 1000 M Kinah $ 94.90
Israphel US-Asmodians 1500 M Kinah $ 142.35
Israphel US-Asmodians 2000 M Kinah $ 189.80

Aion Online is a MORPG with wonderful visual impact, a particular world of fantasy, amazing environments, and popular imagery. You take an important role in the fate of Atreia.Atreia was just a single world formed around Aion in the beginning. Due to the first inhabitants of Atreia, the Balaur, the "Draconic" race becomes stronger and overbearing.  Aion online  assigned 12 Gods to the world to defense the Balaur and guard the Tower of Eternity.
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