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- WOW Classic Speed Leveling Guide Alliance: Best Place to Level 30-40 Alliance Classic

Where do I quest at level 40 in Vanilla Alliance? What is the Best Place to Level 30-40 Alliance WOW Classic? If you want to find the answer, then you just need to follow this short article.
Classic WoW Recommended Leveling Zones (30 - 40)
For this level range, there are a number of zones to choose from which can vary depending on if you're playing on a PvP server or a PvE server. Stranglethorn Vale has a high number of quests and can take you all the way through this level range, although it is a notorious war zone on PvP servers. The next best zone would be Arathi Highlands as more quests open up in the early to mid 30's, which is also true for Desolace.
WOW Classic STV Quests
I am aware that a lot of people (Especially on PVP servers) do not like to step into STV until they are a higher level. But for a lot of people (Me included) level 30-40 is the area that just drags on and on when playing the Alliance, especially when you’re used to how quickly Duskwood, Wetlands and such had brought you up to 30. Yet some people just seem to smash that part of the questing very quickly. Desolace sucks, but I do know that it will hold a large portion of the levels and experience for this level bracket. Shimmering Flats is great for giving you that 1 or 2 levels and I am aware that once you hit 37, Dustwallow Marsh opens up with all its quests. Am I missing something? Hillsbrad and Arathi together holds about 1 - 2 levels. But it is literally a level here and a level there for Alliance, it seems. I most definitely enjoy STV but it really seems like a “Come and go” zone.
Grinding Level 30-35
Now head to the Alterac Mountains, feel free to take some elite quests along the way if grinding is wearing on you but remember, again, this is a grinding guide. Here you want to take out some Dalaran Turtles for the next 5 levels. Maximize XP, maximize XP, maximize XP.
Grinding Level 35-40
Now we’re going to do some Theramore Turtle grinding until you’re level 40! Maximize XP, maximize XP, maximize XP. Take quests if you need to or are bored, but the main key is just maximizing your XP.
Best Place to Level 30-40 Alliance Classic
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