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- WoW Classic: Guide for Rogues

The rogue is in WoW (now for € 12.99 buy) Classic a very special class that can dominate in all areas of the game, has exciting features, but also come with one or the other weakness. In this guide, we'll reveal all you need to know about the Assassin, so that you'll leave a positive, lasting impression in the high-level dungeons and raids, or Classic PvP.

The rogue plunges with his two-handed weapons in the melee, where he causes especially at one target enormously high damage. So much damage that he can be one of the best damage experts in Dungeons, PvP and Raids. In the raids, he benefits above all from his ability to disappear, which allows him to set all threats to zero at the push of a button. While others have to play offensive games partly with the handbrake on, the rogue can go full throttle all the way. In PvP and leveling, he also lives from his stealth - he decides when a fight starts - and the umpteen numbness. It also includes peculiarities such as the poisons it smears on its blades, as well as the castle crack skill that opens its locked boxes and doors: There are many good reasons to play a villain in WoW Classic.

The disadvantages of the rogue class
Rogues wrap themselves in leather and therefore insert blows in a direct exchange of blows. When traveling solo, be sure to pack enough bandages and food! In addition, villains offer their groups little benefit beyond harm: say, they do not make their minions better. Oh, and the looting of rogues, for example, are also offensive warriors or hunters.

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Energy and combo points
Many skills of the rogue cost energy, the resource is displayed below your health bar with a yellow bar. Your rogue regenerates 20 points of energy every two seconds. 100 energy is the maximum. However, this can be increased, for example, by the talent life force. There are also improvements that you can use to optimize your energy efficiency - more on that later. With the main attacks, you also build up a second resource: Combo Points. You need these points for finishing moves. The more combo points you use for a finishing move, five are the maximum possible, the more effective it will be. Attention: unlike in Battle for Azeroth, in Classic you build up your combo points for your targeted opponent. As soon as you change your destination or die, you lose the unused resource meters.

The best peoples for rogues
Due to sword specialization, alliance villains for PvE best choose the people of the people. For PvP, we recommend Gnome (escape artist) or Dwarf (stone) fighters to the blue lion banner fighters. Horde villains, who want to dominate the PvE and PvP areas, create an Orc - thanks to Boiling Blood and Toughness. Undead are for the battlefields and duels but with the will of the Forsaken, but a great alternative. Unfortunately, you will not benefit properly from the berserker of the trolls until you are badly injured. Baa!

The best jobs for rogues
Whether in PvP or PvE: Who wants to cause maximum damage with his rogue, brings engineering to the max. The explosive grenades and dynamite sticks are great for cooldown and can be used on battlefields, properly used, to kill entire groups of enemies in one fell swoop. As a strong alternative we can recommend the combination of leatherworking and skinning at the beginning of Classic. On the one hand, you'll find enough leather to level up to get the first mount on level 40, and on the other hand, as a tribal leash, you'll build the two-piece Devilsaur Set, which will give you a two-percent chance to hit. You will not find better items for the hands and legs slots outside the raids.

The most important values ​​for rogues
Who wants to cause maximum damage as a rogue, relies on the following values.

    Achievement: For your abilities to hit targeted bosses in raids, you need a 9 percent chance to hit. In PvP 5 percent normally suffice. This only applies if you are behind the opponent! Only when you have reached these limits, you increase specifically other values.
    Weapon Skill: Items, People Bonuses, and Talents that increase a weapon skill are extremely powerful, as you increase your hit rating and critical strike rating with each point, while decreasing your opponent's Block, Parry, and Dodge opportunities.
    Agility / Strength (and thus especially attack power): the more, the better!
    Critical hit chance: Only when you have reached the above-mentioned chance hit cap can you increase your critical strike chance. If you want to get as high a Crit value for the Sealfate style of play (more on that later), prioritize Critical Strike Chance over Strength and Pure Attack Power. Scoring, weapon skill and agility remain more important.

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