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- WoW,free mount for Shadowlands owners now available

Last September, Blizzard asked World of Warcraft players to vote for a new mount that will be given to all players with Shadowlands active in their account for free. Players have overwhelmingly voted for Wandering Ancient (a large old walking tree that can be climbed on), making it available to qualified players in-game.

A well-known race of the Ancients, Wandering Ancient was designed by Blizzard artist Jon McConnell (via Wowpedia). The model of the new "mount" was largely based on the Ancient Protectors that were already present in WoW before. At the moment it is one of the biggest mounts in the game. Dubbed by Glenn Stafford, who usually composes music for the Irvine crew. An interesting fact is that Wandering Ancient changes its appearance depending on the season. You can see it in the tweet below (via Game Rant).

I’m personally very glad that the Wandering Ancient beat the giant ooze cat and other options, because I’m super excited to ride around in the branches of my giant tree friend and do impersonations of Treebeard from the LotR movies. And getting to watch the process of making it, seeing how Blizzard goes about designing a mount, that’s really cool as well. It’s a behind the scenes on an aspect of the game a lot of us take for granted  — even though we collect mounts and make what we’re riding a big part of our gameplay, we don’t really know much of anything about the design process. Game design is interesting as it is, but getting to watch the nuts and bolts of how we got from a fun community poll to a working giant tree mount? That just sounds fascinating to me.

The Wandering Ancient mount will be given to all players with a copy of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands activated in their account, regardless of when they purchased the expansion. You should find it gift-wrapped on the Assemblies tab of the Collections menu. Better yet, it changes color with the seasons.

Wandering Ancient was originally expected to arrive with a major update to the Chains of Domination, but instead was removed early with a minor update to 9.0.5. We don’t have a big Chains of Domination update release window yet, but it’s set to bring a lot of changes and new content to the game when it’s released.

Warning! There are two things worth remembering. First of all, if you've done everything as described above, and you can't find your mount anywhere, don't panic. It may take a few days for Blizzard to give a gift to all interested parties. Secondly, Wandering Ancient cannot be activated or used in World of Warcraft Classic (via Blizzard Watch).

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