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- Without layering, WoW Classic is about to face a catastrophe

World of Warcraft Classic has been running for 3 weeks and slowly, at least, the "big start hype" is easing a bit. Although there are still waiting times on many realms at prime time and on weekends, they are not as bad as they were for the launch. Waiting hours of several hours have become in most cases a few minutes.

WoW Classic, as we know, has taken up the original 2004 Vanilla WoW formula for good and bad, adding a few new features.

One of them is the so-called layering: a system through which a single server can create multiple instances of itself, allowing the population to distribute among them. This avoids the problems that occur when the number of players in the same place becomes excessive: in addition to performance problems, the gameplay is also affected.

The majority of the players are in the range of levels 30 to 50. Here are the quest areas, despite layering, still heavily overfarmed. A pleasant game flow is possible in many places only at night or in the early morning, unless one completely deviates from dungeons. In my guild I hear again and again from players who in the evening the desire for quests passes, because you have to beat yourself in a group for individual mobs, which drastically inhibits the fun.

The exploit is quite simple:

    A player ends a dungeon by killing the final boss.
    The player leaves the group.
    The player is invited into a new group: this makes him change the layer he is in, and causes the dungeon to respawn, but does not move him from where he is. If he's in the boss's final room, he stays in the boss's final room.
    The player re-invites the original members of his party, forcing their insertion into his layer.
    At this point, the whole party is gathered in the final room of the boss (from which they never left), but the boss is respawned.

When this mass of players reaches level 60 and layering is permanently shut down, which is the declared goal of Blizzard, things get tight. And very close.

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