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Cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds - What do you use the soul crystals for in Blessed Unleashed

In the online MMORPG Blessed Unleashed, there are all kinds of monsters big and small roaming the world. You can handle most of them on your own with a little common sense and a sharp stick, but some of them can only be defeated with a little cooperation between players. For your courageous act of socializing, you receive a special currency called Soul Crystals. But what do you use the soul crystals for in Blessed Unleashed?Follow this short article, and you will find the answer!

Bless Unleashed Soul Crystals | How to get Soul Crystals
Bless Unleashed rewards you with Soul Crystals for defeating Unique Bosses. You can only take on these field bosses with other players, and each region has just one Unique Boss.

However, Adventure Dungeons have three Unique Bosses to challenge. Whatever your method of choice, the boss’ HP will scale depending on how many people are in your party, so keep that in mind.

Why are you using Soul Crystals in Bless Unleashed?
Adapted to such a rare currency, there is only one place where you can use Soul Crystals: with the Monster Hunter found in various cities. You can exchange crystals for him for cosmetic items like skins and dyes or monster boxes. Monster Boxes are the same as those dropped by the monsters they are named after; Presumably, this system is in place so that you can always get a particular box without having to fight its associated monster.

What are soul crystals used for in bless unleashed?
The Monster Hunter NPC allows you to exchange your Soul Crystals for Reward Boxes, class-specific Appearances, or Dyes. You can find them in major cities all over the open world.

Keep in mind, however, that the contents of the box are random whether you get from the monster or exchange it for one from the Monster Hunter, so you could still end up with low level junk. As such, you're probably better off sticking with cosmetics, unless there's a box you've got absolutely your heart on and you don't have time to go and grow for it.

Unless you just have a surplus of crystals and want to spend them, we recommend saving them for the Monster Hunter’s unique cosmetic items and skins instead.

Soul Crystals are only dropped by Unique Bosses, of which there is precisely one in each region of the game, although you can also encounter up to three in Adventure Dungeons. In either case, you can only battle them with a group of other players, with the boss's health scaling up to the group's average health. These are tough fights, but if you manage to overcome them you'll receive a lump sum payment from Soul Crystals, a special currency you can't get anywhere else.

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