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- Trials Rising should have been the best Trials game yet

Trials Rising is a game that carries forward the classic gameplay of the series, but makes severe missteps that ultimately make Rising a step backward for the Trials franchise. With a promise of a globe-trotting campaign that eschews the sci-fi framing of 2014's Trials Fusion or the over-the-top wacky comedy of 2016's Trials of the Blood Dragon, Trials Rising should be a no-nonsense return to form for the series; instead, publisher Ubisoft felt content to allow XP bars, forced grinding, lootboxes, and convoluted premium currencies ruin the righteous purity of Trials.

Trials Rising is a response to these missteps. The sequel is out February 26 for PC and consoles, and it feels like a confident return to the basics. RedLynx has seemingly accepted that it can’t and shouldn’t try to improve on what Trials is. Instead, it built up the progression, variety, and course design around the edges of that gameplay.

It is an adrenaline-heavy experience either way, whether you’re zipping through an easy course or wrestling the bike around a tougher one with your heart in your mouth. It can be intensely frustrating, but even if you never develop total mastery of motocross physics, it’s still great fun.

The courses send you riding across the world from snowy Sweden to picturesque China, providing beautiful backdrops to your two-wheeled antics. These tracks are unpredictable and ever-changing, with explosions or electric fences or, once, an alien invasion livening up the racing.

Trials Rising’s customization systems further emphasize this scattershot nature. As I play I earn loot boxes and currency to buy new hats, jackets and motorcycle attachments to customize my player character. Most of these unlocks are basic, what you might find in a standard motocross kit. But Rising allows players to edit these pieces with hundreds of stickers before uploading them to the in-game store for other players to buy. What was once a normal motorcycle helmet becomes Spider-Man’s mask, thanks to some industrious, legally-immune creator on the web.

Trials Rising should have been the best Trials game yet. Mechanically, it often is, with Trials' perfect gameplay remaining, well, perfect, and the Trials University empowering anyone to improve their skills and master (or at least adequately perform) seemingly impossible techniques. It's also full of silly fun, from creatively silly courses to the ridiculous tandem bike mode. On the other hand, a slew of poor decisions hurt the experience. While lootboxes and a pointless premium currency can be dismissed as harmless jargon, the XP and leveling system simply cannot; they destroy the pacing in an irreparable fashion. Perhaps the game will be patched to reduce the XP requirements for levels after 50, but for now, the latter third of the game becomes a truly grueling mess of a grind, as the quest to improve one's time on individual tracks becomes an excruciatingly slow grind for XP, a grind which is not improved by an uninspired multiplayer mode.

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