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Cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds - The following tips will make Star Seed farming in Bless Unleashed easier for you

Star Seeds are a vital resource for progressing through Bless Unleashed, allowing you to buy items from the Marketplace, fast travel, and self revives, among other uses. Acquiring them efficiently will make your grind much more enjoyable.

Even if you get your first thousand Olvera Star Seeds in Carzacor's Square, it's not enough to equip yourself with shiny new armor and weapons.Now, acquiring them quickly is a challenge because, unfortunately, the process forces you to spend your precious hours.

The following tips will not only make Star Seed farming in Bless Unleashed easier for you, but will make it enjoyable and efficient so that you can create your Star Seed Empire in no time.

Bless Unleashed: How to use Star Seeds
  •     Bless Unleashed Star Seeds can be used to make purchases in the Player Marketplace.
  •     They can be used to teleport to any Teleposts that you have unlocked on the map. The players need to open their map, move their cursor towards a Telepost and hold X on their controller.
  •     The seeds can also be used to resurrect your character whenever it is in a near-death state. It will help your character to restore its full health but only for a limited period of time.
  •     Lastly, Star Seeds can be exchanged for summoning tickets, repair tools, and upgraded stones from a limited-time merchant.

Star Seed Boosters & the Artisan’s Society
If you have the means, the Marketplace and Lumena Shop respectively will allow you to purchase different types of Starseed boosters.

The Basic Star Seed Booster amounts to a 20% boost for 30 days which costs about 800 Lumina. The Advanced Star Seed booster amounts to a 40% boost for 30 days as well costing you about 1,500 Lumena.

Use The Marketplace
To receive the maximum number of Star Seeds overall, you will need to sell items on the marketplace. The following items are easy to consistently acquire, and regularly sell for a good price:
  •     Gear and loot boxes from bosses
  •     Luminos Root
  •     Dawn Fern
  •     Breath Mushroom
  •     Thin Branch + Unripe Fruit
  •     Iron Ore

It's worth noting that your daily Star Seed cap will increase as you level, with the final cap sitting at 26.Completing dailies helps as well but remember to stay vigilant and patient in your journey when culminating your wealth.

Scraps of fabric and fragments of Carzacor's treasure map
Cloth Scrap sells for 40 Star Seeds per piece while Carcazor Map Fragments sell for around 110 Star Seeds per fragment (market prices may vary, but it is suggested to list fragments above the 100 mark).

Direct purchase
Although above tips is feasible, there is a limit to the number of Star Seeds players can obtain in a day. Therefore, if players want to get more Star Seeds, it is best to choose reliable and professional to Buy Star Seeds to achieve their goals. It will help players get a fun and relaxing experience as soon as possible.

Figure out which of these is easiest or most enjoyable for you, and then do it. In our testing, we preferred to farm endgame PvE to sell unopened loot boxes (rather than open them ourselves and risk getting unsellable junk) because we were able to group up with friends and profit together. When working alone, it can be much more profitable or even relaxing to complete a regular circuit of item gathering.
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