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- Spellbreak obliged this past weekend, bringing back Duos for a limited time

Spellbreak holds vast potential and is full of depths to explore, but it’s not quite there yet, despite the 1.0 release. Sure, it’s fun enough to play if you can sit down with two of your friends and bash out a couple hours’ madness, but I forgot what the game was called once I stopped playing. With next to no lore within the game, and with every win or loss feeling the same, there’s just not quite enough to make a lasting impression.

For those unfamiliar, Spellbreak is a Battle Royale-style game where you utilize special Gauntlets that allow you to tap into one of several elements. Whether you're using the power of Ice (Frostborn) or the power of Earth (Stoneshaper), your chosen Gauntlet will give you access to new abilities that you can then combine with other elements by equipping a Gauntlet on your other hand once you land on the ground, creating a variety of interesting effects.

And instead of Duos mode being unlocked only temporarily this time, Spellbreak is leaving the gameplay mode open for the "foreseeable future," according to a recent tweet. When one user asked why it was locked, the official Spellbreak Twitter responded that "not enough players were opting for the mode," which resulted in longer queue times.

It looks like Duos mode was reopened to test the waters, and because so many players are enjoying playing in pairs, Spellbreak will keep it unlocked for the time being. Fans of the battle royale are happy to see the response to fan demand, though some Breakers are still noting long queue times for Duos mode.

Spellbreak obliged this past weekend, bringing back Duos for a limited time, but yesterday they delighted fans even more by making the mode permanent, saying that they decided to bring it back for good after seeing how many people were enjoying it.

The Feathered Freefall Cloudburst features
a Phoenix-like orange design (as the name suggests) and the Sapphire Purity Afterglow is a stunning blue, which is bound to draw some eyes your way. Granted, that might not be what you want if you're low on health, but then again you also probably don't want glowing neon throughout your suit for that either. Sometimes you have to sacrifice usefulness for style a bit.

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