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- POE Harvest League Economy Guide: How to Make Path of Exile 3.11 Currency Fast PC/PS4/Xbox One

This short guide is aiming at showing players with useful tips to make PoE money in Path of Exile Harvest League 3.11. No matter what kind of consoles you are playing on, including PC/PS4/Xbox One, you can find the answers of making currency.


This is where I’ve made most currency this league. I’ll break into some subpoints as this is an easy, easy currency. Unique jewels that are sometimes used: Vaal orb them. If you hit “cannot be afflicted with corrupted blood” that is an 80c-1ex item right there. Corrupted blood is part of endgame mechanics so everyone wants immunity to it. “Cannot be silenced” is also good as every caster would like to have that. However, corrupting rare jewels is generally not worth it. Jewel with life and 2 good damage mods = 50c or more. 3 damage mods = 10c. 4 good mods including life = 2ex. Anything else = vendor. Pricing can be more complicated than that but price-checking in-depth isn’t worth the time so I just use that method. Knowing the meta, what is popular, and what is useful helps a lot. For example, jewels with minion damage are extremely easy to sell right now.
By purchasing with real-world money
The security of currency is a point of concern for paid players, when using illegal currency in POE, the system will immediately detect it and take corresponding measures, even banning related POE accounts. In order to avoid it, you must carefully identify whether it is safe and legal before trading POE Currency through online stores. On, it can be guaranteed that all POE Currency is 100% completed by real men, but it can still complete the delivery in a short time relying on reliable and stable suppliers.
Buy/Sell Items
Buying low price item and reselling them is something you can do. In my own personal opinion, I think it’s a waste of time unless you found some really low price but valuable items. By the time you used to trade/buy/sell, you might have an Exalted Orb drop by using that time to farm maps instead. Who knows? The drops are RNG.
Rare Currency Drops
There are a ton of rare drops in Path of Exile that aren’t gear items. These Currency items always have a use, but may not be always worth picking up. Every second you spend clicking a Wisdom Scroll, Transmutation, Whetstone etc has an opportunity cost. Additionally, a filter that shows too much will clog your screen and obstruct your view of monsters, which could put you in potentially dangerous situations.
Last but not least - thank you for reading and for your views and that being said - see you in the next one! Finally, hope this short guide can help you to get rich in the world of Path of Exile!
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