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- Overwatch: How to unlock the latest Overwatch Kyogisha Hanzo skin in the Kanezaka Challenge

The Kanezaka Challenge, inspired by the game’s latest free map, gives players a chance to win Epic skins, player icons and multiple sprays. Twitch integration is also included, and fans can unlock the spray by watching Overwatch Streamer. The Kanezaka Challenge introduces Kyogisha Hanzo, a new Epic skin for fast archers. This skin is similar to Hanzo's usual fighting style, but with some important changes. His bow, boots, and quiver all glow green, reminiscent of the cybernetics of his brother Genji.
How to unlock the new Kyogisha Hanzo skin in the Overwatch: a complete challenge guide
How to get Kyogisha Hanzo skin/Hanzo's new Kyogisha Epic skin.
If you wish to unlock all the content available in the latest update, there are two separate tasks. The first part couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is play and win in Overwatch. There are no specific requirements, no certain heroes can play or similar roles. Just win in Overwatch to complete the work.
Fast playback, competitive playback and any Arcade mode will help progress. Therefore, you can buy new products at any time without spending too much effort. Win a total of only 9 games before January 25 and will receive three exclusive rewards.
Kanezaka Challenge Rewards
3 wins  Pagoda player icon
6 wins  Ocean Spray
9 wins  1 new epic skin: Kyogisha Hanzo
The Epic skin is completely anything Hanzo previously owned. After this event is over, you will not be able to get it anytime, so make sure to start the game as soon as possible.
Unlock the Kyogisha Hanzo skin by winning 9 games
In the two-week challenge, players can unlock the Kyogisha Hanzo skin by winning 9 games in any Overwatch mode (including competitive mode, arcade games, and fast games). In three victories, players will get the pagoda player icon. Six victories will net the player Yōkai Spray, who quoted the Kanezaka legend released on January 11. Unlike the annual event skin, so far, the challenge skin is only available during its initial run, so make sure to unlock the Kyogisha Hanzo skin before the end date on January 25.
Outside of these three rewards for playing the game, you can also grab a few other items without even needing to open Overwatch.  No different from earlier events, players will also be rewarded just for watching their favorite streamers play the game.
Tuning in to any OW livestream on Twitch from now until January 25 will earn you progress towards an assortment of new Sprays. Here are the requirements for each step:
Kanezaka Challenge stream-time rewards
2 Hours Watched  1 New Spray
4 Hours Watched  2 New Sprays
6 Hours Watched  3 New Sprays
In addition, players can unlock up to three new sprays by watching any Twitch ribbon under the "Overwatch" category. The spray is unlocked every two hours of viewing, for a total of six hours. These times do not have to be continuous and can be accumulated during the entire activity. Also you can Buy Overwatch CD Key on Z2U.COM, if you don’t complete the challenge in time.
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