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Cheap NBA 2K22 MT - One of those side careers players will be able to choose from is a rapper in NBA 2K22

Fans of the NBA 2K series recently got a closer look at NBA 2K22, which releases September 10, as well as some of its biggest upcoming features. One significant change is how The City will appear. The City in NBA 2K22 is poised to introduce more expansive RPG mechanics, including the opportunity for players to pursue side careers alongside their NBA ventures.

According to a report by ScreenRant, one of those side careers players will be able to choose from is a rapper. Basketball and Hip Hop go hand in hand, and rappers and ball players love crossing over into each other’s worlds. It’s unclear how the Hip Hop side career will play out in the new game, but the level of success players have with it will impact their roles in The City.

For the past 22 years, NBA 2K has been providing basketball fans with a virtual basketball experience. In the beginning, they were among the best in the business, and their yearly releases always featured some kind of new, innovative mechanic to the game.

According to Screen Rant, the game is set to have side careers that your character can participate in if they so choose. One of those paths is to pursue a career in hip-hop. Over the years, various basketball players have made music, including the likes of Damian Lillard, Andre Drummond, Lonzo Ball, and Marvin Bagley, just to name a few. With that being said, this mode could prove to be a unique addition to the game.

For PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users, MyCAREER and The City have been combined into one space where players can interact with new and familiar faces and engaging storylines, more details on which will be revealed at the start of September. Whereas NBA 2K21's version of The City featured NPCs and quests on a more limited basis, it appears that NBA 2K22 is focusing on making those central to the experience, helping to make The City feel more narratively developed. More than that, it's allowing players to extend their story well beyond their time spent on the court.

While it remains to be seen what kind of changes a HIp-Hip career path will have on the overall experience, it's certainly an encouraging sign. After years of putting out mostly the same game, throwing out something so ambitious and untested has the potential to really shake things up.

Fans of NBA 2K have voiced their frustrations with the lack of change with the game over the last few years, and the company has tried to meet their needs. Hopefully, the new side careers can add some spice to the annual basketball video game.

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