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Cheap NBA 2K21 MT - NBA 2K22 has released new details about what to expect in Season 2

NBA 2K22 has released new details about what to expect in Season 2 of MyCareer and MyTeam, including the debut of new music, a celebration of Michael Jordan and more.

Latest - Season 2: Build Your Empire will channel Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls
After tons of anticipation about what kind of theme we might see from the event, 2K has revealed that NBA 2K22 players should prepare for Season 2: Build Your Empire.

Alongside the online league, the MyTeam Unlimited Tournament, with total prize money of half a million dollars across consoles, has also maintained a high degree of interest among gamers. Now, within six weeks of NBA 2K22 being released worldwide, season 2 has been updated, with a range of new game modes, rewards and player packs.

2K22 Season 2 start date
Season 2: Build Your Empire is set to launch on October 22, according to the official 2K Games blog post.

At that point, players will have access to all of the new content the season has to offer and can begin leveling up their MyPlayer, or heading in to experience all the new MyTeam features.

What’s new for MyTeam Season 2?
The new season will launch with the new ’22 NBA Series 1 packs, which are full of digital cards of current NBA players.

    NBA Primetime will be back with Moment Player Cards, which represent cards based on real-life moments for NBA players.

With the all new city, NBA 2K22’s MyCareer mode has gone under a major overhaul, with a new level 40 reward, new quests and player cards. There are also new seasonal updates to The City and other locations such as Concha Del Mar, apart from the new music that was announced in advance.

Season 2 offers all-new quests including Rebirth, a questline that allows players to jump to 90 overall on next-gen consoles or skip 10 pre-completed MyPoints levels on current-gen. Players will need to already have a player at 90 overall in order to access the quest for Rebirth on both next and current-gen consoles.

What are the MyTeam Season 2 Rewards?
  •     Level 40 reward: Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett.
  •     Limited mode — Pink Diamond Ja Morant.
  •     Ascension Board — Pink Diamond Caron Butler.
  •     Unlimited — Pink Diamond Gary Payton.
  •     Winning NBA 75 Domination — Pink Diamond Amar’e Stoudemire.
  •     MyTeam Draft Ascension Board — George Gervin.

All in all, MyTeam is getting a litany of new features in the new season that should give fans plenty to chase over its course.
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