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- NBA 2K18 legend cover exposure

As the current most popular basketball game which pursues the best quality among numerous similar works, the new series of game launched by 《NBA2K》 series yearly will be purchased by basketball fans as a must for the New Year. In recent years, in addition launching the major works on various platforms, the mobile platform will also launch a derivative works "My NBA 2K" series. The game basically continued previous game play in which players can experience the card version of the fun of the NBA, Apart from fighting with the AI, the player can also compete with players in other parts of the world, the game mode is still very rich. RP value is one of the most important part in the game, which is equivalent to the currency, players can't buy card package, auction in the auction line and so on behavior without sufficient RP value support. If the player takes part in the season mode, enough physical strength is the necessities for players to complete the season. At this time, RP can also be used to buy physical in order to fast charge the players.

1996 selected NBA 50 big star, retired in 2011, 2016 officially selected Hall of Fame shark O'Neill has come back! Yes, in the new "NBA 2K18 legend", the players will really feel the new members of the NBA Hall of Fame, scatter the stadium of the glamor of the charm.

2K's "NBA 2K" series has been the most popular basketball player basketball game, the first edition released on November 10, 1999, with the NBA every year together with the new season, to bring players a new surprise. This series of works has a full range of NBA experience, exquisite players artificial intelligence and signs and other characteristics of the action, the player can be meticulous and precise operation to feel the subtleties of basketball, and experience the charm of basketball tactical play. For the players who love the NBA 2K series, this is the only way to let us experience the most authentic NBA fun outside the NBA.

It is reported that the big shark O'Neill will be in the "NBA 2K18 legend" as the cover player, and this 16 years has been in the NBA basketball game first position in the NBA2K series, the launch of this special version, but also to the big shark O'Neal The brilliant image in the game to reproduce. By then, 2K will also bring special O'Neill theme souvenirs and game content.

As we all know, from the "NBA 2K16", 2K for almost every player to create a personal action is a sign, of course, this time for the big shark O'Neill is no exception. For the cover player, O'Neill also said, "I would like to thank" NBA 2K "has been strongly support my basketball career, I am very happy to board the" NBA 2K18 legend "cover, I hope my fans can in the game A show director, to reproduce my legendary moment in the game "!

2K official said that the players to buy "NBA 2K18 legend", will receive limited edition O'Neill posters, five Panini player cards and exclusive stickers, while in the game will receive 100,000 VC points and 20 packs of MY TEAM card pack (each Week 1 pack) and O'Neill in-game items. And the purchase of pre-sale version of the players, in addition to the above privileges and September 15, 2021 early kick-off benefits, will also get more peripheral gifts and game props.

And the purchase of "NBA 2K18 Golden Legend" players in addition to the September 15, 2017 will be the early kick-off, but also will receive limited edition O'Neill posters, 3D cover page, 10 Panini player cards and exclusive stickers. And in the game will also get 250,000 VC points, 40 packs of MY TEAM card package and O'Neill exclusive game items.

"NBA 2K18 Legend" and "NBA 2K18 Golden Legend" will be available on both the PS4 and Xbox One platforms at $ 99.99 and $ 149.99, respectively. In addition, these two games will also be released in the new host Nintendo Switch on sale. How about, ready to chop it? Come and experience the amazing charm of the big shark O'Neill!

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