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If you’ve read or watched anything about Madden NFL 15 yet, you’ve likely heard about the defensive improvements. I was skeptical at first, but was all for the developers making defense more fun, playable and effective. Because, come on. When you were playing a friend at home, or some random kid online, defense was typically about waiting for the offense to make a mistake. Not any more. The developers now allow gamers to take control of defensive players like never before with improved controls and playability.
The offensive side of the ball in NFL 15 hasn't seen as much alteration, but there is at least one nice addition in the form of tempo changes. Essentially, you can now toggle between the normal pace of Madden NFL 15, a no-huddle offense, and a deliberately sluggish "chew clock" option. The no-huddle option brings your offense to the line super quickly, though obviously limits the number of plays you can call. Chewing the clock winds the play clock all the way down to ten seconds before you break the huddle, which greatly improves the pace of late game situations. It's a really minor thing and it doesn't change the offensive game in any truly significant way, but it's a nice touch that I'm frankly sort of baffled hadn't been included previously.
There’s a satisfying bit of button-mashing to attempt to get free of your man but once you are free the second change then comes. In Madden NFL 15, it's not about just running into your player to bring him down, you choose the style and power of your tackle. Do you go for the power hit and attempt to force the fumble or go low and make sure you wrap him up? Different players react in different ways - powerful runners will break free of tackles if you go too high, whereas speedy guys can duck out of big hits.

All the same, it should be a big black eye for the people involved. Outside of blatant missteps, there is another addition to the Connected Careers mode in Madden NFL 15 that has proven to be fairly polarizing. Instead of simply playing out a mock game with a set situation for practice, you’re now allotted a set amount of hours for you to prepare for the upcoming week. You’ll need to manage the time you’re given in order to maximize your return, though. Do you spend those extra hours training your promising rookie HB to help him become a superstar, or do you make sure your Pro Bowl caliber QB is confident going into the next matchup in NFL 15? Some fans aren’t really happy with this, but it adds another bit of micromanagement that really makes you feel like you’re in the shoes of an NFL coach.
You can have the computer present you with the most realistic play to use in any given situation; have it suggest plays based upon their success rate with NFL 15 gamers across the globe; or manually choose them yourself. As a result, it’s never been easier or swifter to adopt a pass-heavy approach in Madden NFL 15, and the option to speed up the clock between downs means you can have a competitive, enjoyable shootout in under 20 minutes - as has always been the casual Madden player’s dream.
So what is new? Well, Madden is a one stop shop for game modes old. All of the same modes you have played the last few years are present, which aren’t many, but quality over quantity, right? Now before we get ahead of ourselves (like I said, “progress forward”), the paint job and even the body models are mostly the same, but under the hood we’re looking at a fresh engine, literally. As some are aware of, the old consoles used the Infinity engine. For next gen, EA has implemented the Ignite engine and you feel the difference immediately.
Madden NFL 15 is a solid title that's actulaly one of the better editions to date. To help compensate for the lack of playable game modes, each mode is heavily layered with razzle-dazzle features to fill the void. Small touches of detail, such as kicking and punting assistance, cover the rest of the holes. Cam Newton even lends a hand or a voice in this situation and drops some knowledge for everyone.
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