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Buy Cheap NFL 15 Ultimate Team coins - Madden NFL 15 trainer goes further and gives techniques to strategies and play calling

Typically when consoles transition to a new generation it takes a good half a year before sports games get back to being on par with the features and offerings they had on the previous console generation. Thanks to technology and the power of the PS4 and Xbox One, we don’t have to wait that long. As a matter of fact, less than one year into the new platform’s lives, not only is the 2nd wave of Madden on par with what had been offered on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but thanks to the new systems’ capabilities, we’ve moved well beyond the last generation. Madden NFL 15 takes everything to a whole new level, and dare I say this is easily the best Madden title I’ve played in a decade. I’m not just talking visuals here either folks, as now the game is just as deep as ever, but the game play has stepped up to the pacing, difficulty, and realism we have been chomping at the bit for year after year, and now it’s finally delivered to us in spades.
The best inclusion this year, especially for new players and those wishing to learn more about the game of football, is the enhancement to the Skills Trainer. I've watched football for a long time, but I've never really been able to make much heads or tails when it comes to identifying specific defensive schemes while on offense, and even though I've played Madden consecutively for the past six years, I still make bad reads on both sides of the ball due to a lack of familiarity. Skills Trainer this year has added a great deal of regimens that both explain the different defensive coverages as well as identify their tell tale signs, allowing more and more players the ability to learn more proficiently; the Gauntlet at the end more than tests one's newly-discovered knowledge in a big and intriguing way.

Ultimately, Madden NFL 15 is a step forward from last year, though I'm hesitant to say that it's a large one. The presentation is better (there are real graphics on the jumbotrons!), the players animate just a bit better, and the new playcalling is in fact pretty slick. More importantly, it does its part to teach prospective fans about the game of football, which is something I've been wanting to see for years. As usual, though, the next level remains illusive. NHL, NBA 2K, MLB: The Show, and FIFA all have that one thing they do better than anyone else, whether it's presentation or just being a pure sim. By contrast, I still have a hard time discerning what Madden's core competency is outside of the fact that it has the NFL license. I suppose it's nice that it still has (really good) online leagues given how that feature is rapidly becoming an endangered species. 
That’s a lot of words for what amounts to a tutorial, but it speaks to the extent of the changes EA Tiburon made in an attempt to draw new players in. That’s a good thing, because the football play is superb. Offensively, the running game feels tighter and less prone to physics snags that see players tripping over even the smallest obstacles. The passing game is slightly less polished; it works the same as it always has, but too frequently you’ll see a bad pass ending in an interception, even on easier difficulties. The new skills trainer possibly could be the best teaching aid the developers have added. The old skills games stayed fairly linear in approach and taught basics in how to use controls. Madden 15’s trainer goes further and gives in-depth techniques to not just only moves, but strategies and play-calling. It teaches you how to recognize coverage. Once you’ve identified said coverage, making the right reads should come second nature.
While Connected Careers may still arguably be the more popular mode in Madden NFL 15, Ultimate Team is making a definite play for that title. This year’s mode is largely unchanged in terms of how it plays out; however, the front end has been made much more accessible, allowing newcomers to find their feet sooner and veterans to have more control. Injury cards have been completely removed, so now when a safety rattles your WR, he’ll only be out for the remainder of the game. That removes the need to purchase cards in order to heal him up. Small price to pay, though, for making defense fun. The close up perspective, combined with a tackle cone (like the QB vision cone, but good) also makes it easier to judge distance, not whiff on tackles, or effectively disengage a blocker to drag down a running back (or mobile QB).
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