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Buy Cheap NFL 15 Ultimate Team coins - Madden NFL 15 is more about timing, calculations and know-how

It's Madden season, proclaims EA with the impending release of Madden NFL 15, and the next installation of the long-running football series promises to deliver more than a roster refresh beneath a graphical upgrade. The Madden NFL 15 reviews are pouring in, as critics take turn their attention away from an NFL preseason full of rule changes. In Madden NFL 15, EA invested a lot of effort into bringing the game's defensive dynamism on par with the offensive side of the football.
Love the presentation found in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 14? Then you’ll be delighted to hear that lessons learned from developing that game have finally (if belatedly) been applied to Madden. Pre-match intro sequences strike the right balance between stats and graphical wizzbangery, the halftime highlights show voiced by Larry Ridley is EA’s best ever, and Jim Nantz and Phil Simms’ commentary is less repetitive - until you get into the second and third seasons of a career, anyway. NBA 2K remains the genre-leader where TV broadcast feel is concerned, but it’s a relief to see Madden finally close the gap.
If you’ve notice the change of button layout, the D-pad is no longer used for alignments or defensive assignments. Such signals are called using a number of buttons, including both top bumpers as well as the letter pad. It’s highly advised to practice first, before taking others head on seriously. Everything is fast pace and one wrong or late audible can spell disaster. A skill that also must be learned comes in the form of the new play-selecting options. Not only has the layout completely changed, a few other fresh pieces make an appearance such as “ask the community." When picking plays, you’ve always been able to “ask Madden," where most of his plays are random and computerized. Now with “ask the community," you can see plays others have used in similar situations, giving statistics on what kind of plays typically work, as well as average yardage from used plays.

How all this in Madden NFL 15 translates to physical gameplay is that movement feels fluid with a small touch of realism. The pace of NFL 15 is fast and intense, but the players themselves show just the right amount of burst when running and cutting. In Madden 25, gameplay seemed too easy, and return men would break for touchdowns too regularly, speedy receivers would torch just about every corner or safety, and scores would reach 50 like it was the new 20. Madden NFL 15 is more about timing, calculations, and know-how. And you got to love being able to bounce off of your own teammates and recovering from wrong reads when running the ball. This has been keyed on before but is still a great improvement here.
Coupled with this is the great new community play selection in NFL 15. Offensive or defensive plays are offered based on the context, drawing data from both community and AI behavior. Your choice of three plays will be accrued based on opponent tendencies and community popularity, both of which will show you their success percentage and the average yards gained. It incorporates the Smart-Glass features included in Madden NFL 25 in a much more seamless way, meaning you no longer select plays based on whether they’re simply “man”, “zone”, or “blitz”. All of this information is communicated much more clearly than before. On top of that, the Reserve Deck – where unused cards used to be stored – has been eliminated completely. All of your cards now go into the same pool, and there’s no need to worry about engaging in the clunky process of sending them back and forth. Immediacy is the keyword here. You’ve got your cards, they’re all in one place, and sorting through them is a snap.
Just like Call of Duty, FIFA, or any other annualized franchise, the various changes aren’t something even regular casual players will feel right away. But the overall experience is much smoother, and the dialogue the game engages in with the player, much clearer. The Madden series is due for a ground-up reinvention one of these years, but as iterated entries in the series go, EA Tiburon’s efforts on Madden NFL 2015 shine.
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