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Buy Cheap NFL 15 Ultimate Team coins - Madden NFL 15 delivers everything you need to own your rivals on both sides of the field

Madden NFL 15 transforms you into your rival’s worst nightmare with a new breed of defense built to challenge the best offenses in the NFL. An all-new intuitive tackling system and improved coverage logic make defense exciting and fun to play. Learn and hone your skills in the Gauntlet, an all-new mode in Skills Trainer that will take your new abilities through the ultimate test in intense conditions and challenges. Whether building your legacy in Connected Franchise or a dynasty in Ultimate Team, it's not just football, it's Madden Season!
Though Madden NFL 15 is the first game to really take advantage of the new gaming hardware, this year's NFL 15 lacks any real new big feature to sell the game. The closest is NFL’s new focus on defense, which does go a long way to make this a more well rounded game but it’s likely not enough to change anyone’s opinion on the franchise if they’re not already sold on it. Key among these defensive changes is the new camera mode, which literally flips the game around completely and has you facing down the quarterback rather than playing from your opponent's point of view. You'll then try to break past the blockers with a fun little quick time game that actually requires some practice to master. Perhaps most important though is the new tackling mechanicin Madden NFL 15, which actually gives you a choice in how you attempt to take down the ball carrier. You can attempt to tackle at different heights and with different momentum, but you'll suffer the consequences if you don't make the right choice.
Then, if you manage to break free, you actually get to control how your tackle attempt plays out. It isn’t just about running at players and hitting them. You can choose to tackle high or low, and even modify the intensity of your hit. It’s all contextual and built toward being more realistic. This is increasingly important as the wonky physics system introduced in Madden 13 is still present, though slightly more refined. The only bummer is that this new defensive camera inNFL 15 doesn’t work in local multiplayer. That’s a pretty big downside, but it’s a non-issue if you play NFL 15 mainly online.

Both add variety to the routine, providing more to do as a created player before the next big game rolls around. However, some of the Game Prep drills involve nothing more than selecting a player and immediately earning the additional points without even running a play. The interactive options aren’t much better, giving you simple objectives that vary depending on the position you play. A QB might need to complete four passes against a cover 1 defense, while a receiver could be asked to catch a ball in traffic. The confidence is a nice real-world touch, but it doesn’t feel particularly impactful during your Super Bowl campaigns.
Madden NFL 15 delivers everything you need to own your rivals on both sides of the field, including the most immersive defensive gameplay in franchise history. With all-new player-lock camera angles, pass rush tools, open-field tackling mechanics and smarter AI, you've never been more armed to take control of the defense and challenge the best offenses in Madden NFL 15. Madden NFL 15 introduces a revolutionary crowd-sourced play-calling system with three distinct ways to run offense and defense: coach suggestions, Madden community picks and concept plays providing a strategic edge to take on all rivals.
Madden NFL 15 does a lot of things right. The overall presentation makes a nice leap from last year’s new-gen debut, and while longtime players may have some challenges with new play-calling options, the analytical data at your fingertips is a welcome addition. Connected Franchise Mode offers deep experiences for every kind of player, and the core gameplay continues to improve. Despite its challenging passing game and sometimes-clunky menus, Madden NFL 15 will make fans happy this football season.
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