Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins

Buy Cheap NFL 15 Ultimate Team coins - Instead of requiring you to dig through menus in-depth or simply handing you a play, Madden NFL 15 uses context to provide helpful play choices

I’m thrilled to see that a new play-calling system has replaced the simplistic suggestions from last year in Madden NFL 15 with something that strikes a great balance between complexity and ease of use. Say you’re sitting at First-and-10; it’ll take statistics for your opponent’s typical defense in this situation and pair that with your common moves to provide you with the best play options. You can modify these based on what you’re looking to accomplish with the play as well, so if you want to take it strategically and not go for the big yards, it’ll suggest different plays on the fly to help you accomplish that. After years of EA trying out new systems that never seemed to work out, this is one I’d love to see stand the test of time.
The running game made considerable strides last year thanks to the improved interaction between the offensive and defensive lines, and it only feels sharper this time around. Breaking tackles, finding holes, and trucking past defenders looks and feels great, and the different attributes of each player--whether it be their acceleration or physical strength--are felt as soon as the ball is snapped. Pass plays, on the other hand, can lead to some frustrations. You have a great deal of finesse with the ball when taking control of a QB, as you’re able to throw bullet passes, lobs, and lead receivers if the coverage is tight. Receivers even make more creative catches than ever before, as it’s not uncommon to see daring one-handed grabs or long dives for passes just out of reach. But interceptions happen too often, and even the strongest receivers just don’t do enough to battle for the ball. Good defenders frequently prevent great receivers from making plays in single-coverage situations, so battling an adept secondary like Seattle’s can feel like a lost cause.

When you take a step back from the field, it’s easy to spot some nice improvements to the overall presentation as well. Madden NFL 15 looks and sounds better in every way, from the opening montages to the television-style stat graphics to the cutaways of coaches and individual players. Stadiums have been upgraded too, incorporating much better jumbotrons that finally replace the outdated ones Madden has been saddled with for years. The player models are noticeably improved, and many stars are immediately recognizable in the way that they run or throw. Stadium crowds are more alive, and the lack of in-game cutscenes in favor of showing the action “live” is a breath of fresh air.
Madden isn’t shy with its modes either. The Ultimate Team mode in which you build a fantasy team, continues to expand, while Connected Franchise lets you take control of either a single player, coach or owner (where you can set hot dog prices and decide on stadium expansion). The downside to the Franchise mode is that player progression is a rather clunky chore - with you administering training hours via a menu - which I often forewent to get to the action.
It is interesting how strong perspective is at making Madden NFL 15 brought to you by Under Armor? Dental Dams (Protect THIS house!) feel different. It's a trick, really. The new default camera zooms in and angles more towards your players' line of sight than Tim Tebow's God's bird's-eye view. Thankfully, the camera angles can be adjusted via the directional pad and you can go right back to that series standard view and think, "Good, things are familiar and that makes me feel safe."
All the big plays and the boisterous excitement they bring are here - and are a joy to execute. In the game's dedication to getting you to those prime time moments, however, much of the subtlety of this complex team sport tends to get lost in the pomp.
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