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Buy Cheap NFL 15 Ultimate Team coins - If you are a fan of the NFL, Madden NFL 15 is a must, if you are curious it is highly recommended

Madden NFL 15's intro is a sight to behold. Presented with that particular tone of intense, hackneyed masculinity that's fallen out of fashion outside the sport of American football, the sequence works as an accurate barometer for your satisfaction of what's to come. Enjoy it and you'll love Madden 15; despise it and this is not for you.
The reason for that stark differentiation comes down to what Madden has, once again, chosen to focus on. As with previous games in the series, there's an incredible emphasis on speed, creating a playing experience that only partially replicates what you see from the NFL on Sundays.
On the surface, the game looks beautiful. Running on an NFL 15 Xbox One the graphics were breathtaking. Player movements were photorealistic, especially when running backs were fighting for extra yards, or defensive linemen were trying to shed blocks. The field and player jerseys show great wear and tear over the course of a game better than I can ever remember. Of course, the same eight fans are still attending every game and filling in a surprising amount of seats, but that's a minor gripe. Overall, the look and feel of this game is what one would expect from a visual standpoint for a next-gen entry in the Madden franchise.

The last time I really found myself enjoying a Madden game was Madden NFL 11. That was four years ago, which is ages in annual video game franchise terms. Madden NFL 15 marks the first time in a good long while that a Madden game left me feeling positive about the experience. It's not because this year's game offers up any one big, awesome new feature that sets it markedly apart from the last few entries. Instead, it takes a lot of the good, if clunky ideas from the last couple of games, and finally molds them into something that feels simultaneously exciting to play, and (mostly) technically sound. There are still problems, to be sure, but for once, those issues are outnumbered by positives in a significant way.
Long-time players will know that playing on the defensive side was always a bit haphazard and a bit of a chore. As a player you sort of felt like you were waiting for your turn to have another go as the offensive team - it was difficult to truly make an impact rather than wait for the AI, or the opponent to make a mistake.
As the NFL continues its slide towards a future where defenders that side-eye a star receiver may very well be tagged with an illegal contact penalty (it's okay folks, it's just the preseason), Madden stopped at the fork in the road this year to do a little soul-searching. The man on Madden NFL 15's cover, Richard Sherman, made headlines for calling out the league's mandates after his team's defense shut down a league-best offense in the Super Bowl, and he's emblematic of the game's renewed focus on defense.
Madden NFL 15 is truly the first “next-gen” sports game out there. Everything from its gameplay to its visual fidelity epitomizes exactly what we were hoping to find in the the consoles’ sophomore release. And while I’m 100% positive that over the course of the next year groups such as /r/MaddenBros and experts such as Jmffn360 will go through every minute detail breaking down just what works and what doesn’t, the important thing here is that they’ll be playing a year from now. 
If you're a fan of the NFL it's a must, if you're curious it's highly recommended.
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