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- How To Choose The Best Civilization In Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms begins by offering users the choice to choose from a total of eight different civilizations. This initial choice will set the foundation of your whole game. Even though there is a way to change your civilization later on but it comes at a cost. A colossal cost of 10,000 gems that is! Each civilization comes with its own unique hero. Although you may factor in the hero while making the decision but it should not be the ultimate deciding factor. Heroes can be obtained later on in the game irrespective of the choice of civilization. Here I will list three civilizations for you.

1. Rome

Rome is one of the best civilizations in the game and is known for its high speed. The commander of Rome is named Scipio Africanus. You get a fantastic infantry unit called legion, which is immensely useful in defense. The high pace of troops and strong commander allows you to attack other kingdoms quickly and give you an overall strong army for your kingdom. If you choose Rome, the speed of your troops enhances by 5%, and it can gather the food and others at an increased speed by 10%. The defense gets much stronger and effective as it is boosted by 5%. Rome is the best choice for aggressive players who love to attack frequently.

2. Germany

The Germans are with Herman, a reliable defender capable of slowing enemy attacks. Cavalry is the backbone of the German army, so riders receive +5% to the attack. Also, the Germans are 10% faster to train any troops and just as quickly restore action points needed for raids on barbarians and players. Their unique unit — a Teutonic Knight with a huge indicator of attack. If you think that first it is better to gather a huge army, protecting the city from attacks, and then go on a massive offensive, then for Germany you will play easier than for other Nations.

3. Britain

It is not a much-preferred civilization because of tits weak statistics and features. The civilization is led by a female commander known as Boudica, who has its particular unit full of archers. The unit is named as the Longbowman. Britain is usually not the first choice of player but is more considered as a support in the game. The lack of rewards, bonuses makes it less appealing even after having a good commander. You can easily build a massive army in Britain as a lot of allies are readily available to build an army.

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