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- Guide to Earn Some Crucial Items in Far Cry New Dawn

Ubisoft's open world shooter Far Cry New Dawn is available now. In this guide we are going to take a look at how you find Ethanol and Sam Fisher's suit. Let's get started. Ethanol is vital to upgrading various facilities in Far Cry New Dawn. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning FCND Credits kindly go to our site. Earning Ethanol is quite easy although it may get a bit of a grind. In this guide, we are going to outline the various ways you can earn Ethanol in the game. While increasing digital adoption certainly means physical sales are less important than they used to be, that adoption hasn't increased enough over the past handful of years to explain Far Cry New Dawn dropping this hard against its predecessors. One possibility is release date New Dawn launched on a Friday instead of the Tuesday of the previous games, so there's less time for those sales to accrue.
Although Hurk and Sharky have been able to hold off several attempts by the Highwaymen to reclaim the site, Hurk isn't there, and Sharky requests your assistance. First of all, you need to skirt the perimeter of the site and arm five traps on the bridges leading over the sulphurous pools. Once you do that, meet Sharky in the base and he'll thank you by giving you some of his party liquor. Unfortunately, he fails to mention that this liquor is actually just pure ethanol, and you promptly collapse. When you wake up, the Highwaymen are mere moments from launching their attack.
Nick is being held at a small hilltop camp where the Highwaymen are forcing him to repair their vehicles. There are always 3-4 tier 3 Highwaymen protecting the camp. What's more, another group of Highwaymen patrol up and down the hillside path. As such, taking the camp stealthily can be tricky, especially without tier 3+ weapons. Once you clear out the Highwaymen, speak to Nick, who will explain his plan to escape; he has been rebuilding his old plane for the Twins, who want it for themselves, but he wants to use it to get back south to Prosperity. Follow him down a zip-line and to a nearby boat-shed where you'll find the Carmina, his plane. He does warn you that it's not exactly complete, and you may indeed notice that this plane lacks wings.
Unfortunately, New Dawn doesn't go far enough. Its vibrant apocalyptic world is an entertaining playground, but also doesn't feel all that different from past Far Cry games. Worse, it gets away from Far Cry 5's freeform structure with tedious but necessary grinding, particularly towards the end. It's still fun in that anything goes way Far Cry always is. But New Dawn mostly feels like a missed opportunity.
Liberating outposts (for the first time) will grant you between 100 and 450 units of ethanol, but you'll get even more bonuses for taking them stealthily and without triggering an alarm. At first, enemy outposts are daunting. Armed with only Level One rusty weapons, you'll need to take on a whole base of enemies without the option of going in stealthy. Once you get through the first one, however, things start to get a bit easier.
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