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Buy Cheap NFL 15 Ultimate Team coins - Going through the skills mode is highly recommended in Madden NFL 15

Madden NFL 15 opens with a bang as players are dropped in the middle of a potential 2015 NFC Championship Game involving the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks and they need to think fast and remember their previous experience with the game in order to win while controlling Cam Newton. It’s an intriguing way to introduce the title and to quickly show how the new focus on defensive moves works, while also impressing players with the graphics quality that the game can deliver on the current generation of hardware and offering a good intro to the rest of the Madden NFL 15 experience.
You also have the Gauntlet. If you have ever wanted to play Madden with Boss battles this is where you need to be. In the Gauntlet you have 40 increasingly difficult levels to plow through. Every fifth level you have a Boss battle, not your standard boss battle but you’ll get the idea when facing slightly more difficult stages and CPU players. You also start out with five lives. Spend them and it’s game over in the Gauntlet for you, well until next time you load it up. To me this was an interesting way to allow players to continue honing their skills while adding an element of fun to the game. Another big change lies in the camera angles used. When you head into an offensive attack on the opposition, the camera will move to an over-the-shoulder position, immersing you right into the action. This, overall, is an excellent development as it makes the player feel much more like one of the team’s players, rather than a “commander” over the entire squad. In defence, we see a similar change. The camera angle seamlessly changes to one facing the player you are about to tackle, again, allowing you to feel as if you are right inside the action of the game. The camera angle tweaks are massive overhauls to the Madden formula, and ones which I believe will pay-off greatly.

Going back to the Ultimate Team mode, there are some things to watch out for. At first glance it appears to be micro-transation heaven with so many players fielding 90+ rated teams on day one, making it feel pretty obvious the online portion was a matter of who had the most cash. Luckily for us hard working folk, the huge variety of other options inside MUT means even the budget gamer can build their team and become competitive. Weekly challenges give you the chance to unlock Elite players and working your way through the seasons versus the CPU lets you build your team with some pride. It’s just another example of the something for everyone that I feel is in the game and really helps it shine.
And speaking of realism, can we talk about how grew this game looks on the newer game hardware? Players, stadiums and weather effects look incredibly detailed and as much like they're real-life counterparts as they ever had. Well, the major players do. While you'll recognize high profile stars like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson, most of the lesser known talents; and even some of the bigger names have generic faces that sort of look like them if you squint. While the on-field action has gotten a slew of new animations, certain ones feel rushed, like when the ball carrier gets tackled and they seem to lose all control over their limbs and just fall lifeless to the ground. It was also peculiar when I was playing as my beloved Packers on offense and Aaron Rodgers had just completed a pass and was in the huddle but when the camera panned to head coach Mike McCarthy, Rodgers was standing right next to him...cheering on the offense.
While the Skills Trainer mode gives gamers the knowledge they need, it is up to players to apply it during games. Going through the skills mode is highly recommended as the defense is much smarter in Madden 15. Fortunately, the game provides an intelligent play-calling system that is based on stats. The play-calling menu recommends plays based on a few different factors, including what works in each particular situation and the opponent’s history of plays. This approach makes the game more accessible and upholds the theme of making players more knowledgeable. With Madden NFL 15, EA Tiburon has given those faithful to the franchise the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release they wanted last year. The improved visuals help breathe refreshing new life into the series, and the gameplay flows better than ever before, making this one of the best releases the franchise has seen in years. Those who were put off by last year’s “upgrade” to next-gen will find true satisfaction in this release, as this is the best Madden in years.
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