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- Genshin Impact Online Best Venti Builds: What is the best bow for Venti

The explosion of Venty's elements and the ode to the wind created a vortex that attracted all enemies around and caused huge damage to all enemies. The vortex can absorb the energy of the other four elements, causing additional damage to the enemies trapped inside. Enemies such as slimes related to certain elements will be severely damaged by the elemental reaction, so be sure to arrange the enemies so that as many enemies as possible are sucked into the explosion.


The best builds for Venti in Genshin Impact
With the help of Anemo-based construction, Venti's energy replenishment capabilities have been greatly enhanced, thereby minimizing the downtime of his Wind's Grand Ode element explosion. You will create a lot of storms, these storms can withstand with other elements, before long, the wind will tear all enemies in the storm to pieces.
How to get Venti in Genshin Impact
Unfortunately, considering that Wendy is a five-star character, he is an extremely rare reward. Specifically, you need to bless him in the time-limited "Goblet Ballad" banner, and the probability of being entangled by him is only 0.6%. Ouch. After 90 wishes, you will receive a five-star guarantee, but even so, there is no guarantee that it is Venti. Good luck: you will need it.
Best Venty Weapon/Bow
Your weapon choice is between Favonius Warbow and The Stringless. If you want to concentrate on getting more energy, then "bow and arrow" is the first choice, because heavy hits have a certain chance to generate orbs to replenish energy. Upgrading the bow and arrow will ensure that this effect occurs more frequently and reduce the time between heavy blows. Stringless is a good choice because it can improve elemental skills and elemental burst damage, but this structure is more effective than archers.
Best Genshin Impact VENTI DPS Builds
Although the support base is very strong, this is not the only way to use Venti effectively. He can also use the correct item to produce a punch sprint effect. When using this version, you need to be particularly good at hitting weak points with electricity, because all effective weapon choices depend on this skill.
The only effective artifact group is the Wanderer Theater. Two items can increase Venty’s elemental proficiency by 80 points, but most importantly, it can also increase his charge attack damage by 35% by catalyst or bow, which is the key to this goal.
As for the choice of weapons, two bows and arrows work well. The Oath of the Sharpshooter is a more stable privilege because it adds considerable damage and its value rises as the bow is upgraded. Messenger does something similar by increasing attack damage every ten seconds as lethal damage. The number is much larger, 200% when fully upgraded, but "The Oath of the Sharpshooter" is more reliable. Remember: these two weapons will only trigger when they hit the enemy’s weakness. To enhance your adventure, we recommend you a safe place to Buy Genshin Impact Account For Sale. Fast, Cheap and 24/7.
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