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- FIFA 18 needs to borrow five features from PES

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PES 2017 may have sold a fraction of what FIFA 17 did, but it’s still a wonderful game.In fact, it does many things better than EA SPORTS’ football offering.We pick out five PES features that could really benefit FIFA 18.

Let’s kick off.

Speed needs a rethink
EA have made dribbling round players tougher than ever – but perhaps it’s time for a rethink?

There are countless cases where players with much higher speed stats are chased down by slower defenders – which simply would not happen in real life.Konami’s game has no such problem – with individual player stats translating accurately to what they can do on the pitch.

So, Lionel Messi can dribble past five people because his dribbling stats are through the roof.

More tactics
There’s very little in the way of tactics in FIFA 17 – compared to PES, anyway.

In Konami’s game, you’re given a daunting amount of freedom over how your team plays and lines up – making FIFA feel scripted.

Editing your own kit
One of the drawbacks with PES is the lack of official team licences.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of loyal fans who create the teams and badges from scratch, which can then be imported via USB to the game.

But why does this need to be limited to PES?The ability to edit your own team kit, create stadiums and even update sponsors would be welcomed by many FIFA players.It certainly jars in Career Mode when your team puts on the same strip more than a decade later.

Match atmosphere
What PES lacks in licences it makes up for by capturing the spirit of the game.

Matches, especially internationals, feel like the huge spectacles they are.

While EA goes some way to address the build up, through decent commentary and player highlights, a more interactive and engaged crowd would work wonders.

A lack of Champions League licensing only compounds the issue.

Camp Nou
One of the most iconic stadiums in the world is replaced by a bland arena in FIFA 17.

Sadly, as long as the relationship between Konami and Barcelona remains, Camp Nou will remain absent from FIFA for years to come.

Some FIFA players tend to shy away from messing around with the tactics, but there are still plenty who would welcome a system that caters to intricate changes.

Here’s hoping EA incorporates a couple of these tweaks in FIFA 18.

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