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Dofus is a turn based MMORPG that started in France and has rapidly expanded worldwide since that time. The game was so successful that it has lead to a number of spin off games including Wakfu which continues the story of the Dofus universe. Set in The World of Twelve (named after the 12 gods of the game world) the range of environments and classes are one of the most attractive elements of Dofus. Character customization is particularly impressive with many customization options available from the start allowing you to feel more unique in comparison to other MMO experiences. The mythos quickly sets up a narrative based around a demonically inspired human who presents a threat to the current gods, leading them to each create a champion, along with a magical dragon that can clone these heroes. The dragon is then sent out in to the world to put a stop to the rising evil, summoning units to block the progression of various monsters. Those familiar with the Plants vs. Zombies style of 'defense' gameplay will recognize the style of gameplay immediately, however each 'hero' represents an archetype of RPG 'class', providing benefits that extend beyond their lanes. In this way the game is far more similar to Vanguard Storm by Square Enix and the tactical approach to the gameplay makes for a far more intense combat system.
It's not as bad as a traditional, fully-fledged adventure-RPG, but there are certain levels that are near impossible to get through without going back and cleaning up some of the earlier ones for a second or third time. That's not to say fans of knuckle biting strategy can't get through certain stages on lower levels, but for those looking to strategize less and use brute force instead, you can grind your characters up instead of overclocking your brain to get the strategy right. The difficulty levels change the gameplay enough to warrant these repeated attempts and you won't be able to use the same strategy on easy as you would on normal or high.

The graphics in Dofus: Battles 2 are top notch, especially in the HD version for the iPad. Ankama may be a French company, but the artwork shows a definite Japanese influence. Square-Enix distributed the most recent Dofus MMO in North America, and the characters in the World of Twelve are very much in that vein. The soundtrack is pleasant enough, if a bit repetitive. For people unwilling to commit to the entire Dofus experience, there’s a free Lite version of the game that contains only the tutorial and a few battles. The complete game costs $4.99 and touts 25 different monsters that can be captured to assist Jeff in his quest to find out who was responsible for his plight. You can start out in the free zone of Incarnam, in the village of Astrub, but at some point you’ll want to pay for a monthly subscription. The software used to play Dofus is small, only 3 megabytes; however, you will need to patch it and that will take the total to over 200 megabytes. Not too bad for a great game. It has different languages; depending on the country you’ll be connected. It also uses international English for those who enjoy a game with other cultures. You can join with the classic, heroic or tournament; however, beginners should start with the classic.
Dofus is one of those games that can’t be judged by its size. It’s a small game that packs a large punch. The graphics are attractive, and settling, yet remain simple so it’s easy going on any system. With the in depth character development and personal choice for what stats to use, combat can be customized to your desired way of fighting. The tactic combat’s uniqueness has attracted over 4 million players since the game’s release in 2005, which speaks for itself how addicting it can become.
The only thing I can see as a con from the little I’ve experienced would be the heavy limitations on free to play content. It leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still enough to get the idea of how everything will play out. Gamers looking for fast paced combat and movements with modernized graphics will likely be disappointed playing Dofus. But otherwise, Dofus sticks to its promises for those who enjoy the turn based gameplay that many games use.
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