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I hate Mbappe, he performed extremely awful in 2018 FIFA World Cup. I used to support for his speed, passing skills, and overall view, but meanness and rudeness recall me a sense of football players should respect to this sport and all his opponents, instead of winning only. Following a similar format to previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team, this year's FUT 19 TOTY will be released in groups, depending on each player's position. Once you want to fire your current striker or winger, you should consider twice before do it, you need lots time to adapt the new player. We merely forget the scene when TOTY of 2018 shown up, people surged in the SBC challenges and FUT Pack opening carnival, we can help you to continue the squad building opportunity.
Starting XI Lineup and Reserves
It is not surprising that both Portuguese Striker Ronaldo and Lionel Mess made the cut based on their continued excellence. All entitled footballers are cover athletes of previous TOTW or game packs. Additionally, other names such as Mbappe, Sergio Ramoson the list also make good sense based on their stellar performance on the court. Who’s your favorite player with new IF card?
Goalkeeper: De Gea
DEF: Marcelo
DEF: Sergio Ramos
DEF: van Dijk
DEF: Varane
CM: De Bruyne
CM: Kante
CM: Modric
ST: Mbappe
ST: Messi
ST: Ronaldo
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FIFA 19 Team of the Year Nominee

Day 2 (January 8, 2019)
TOTY Challenge Rewards: Prime Electrum Players Pack Expires: 9am, Jan 9
TOTY Challenge Rewards: Gold Players Premium Pack Expires: 6pm, Jan 9
PL Upgrade Rewards: 1 PL Premium Gold (Untradeable) Starts: 6pm, Jan 19
Premium PL Upgrade Rewards: 1 PL Premium Players (Untradeable) Expires: 6pm, Feb 14
LaLiga Santander Upgrade Rewards: 1 LaLiga Premium Gold (Untradeable) Expires: 6pm, Jan 18
Premier League Rewards: 1 LaLiga Premium Players (Untradeable) Expires: 6pm, Jan 14
Bundesliga Upgrade Rewards: 1 Bundesliga Premium Gold
Premium Bundesliga Upgrade Rewards: 1 Bundesliga Premium Players (Untradeable)
Ligue 1 Conforama Leveling Rewards: 1 Ligue 1 Premium Gold (Tradeable) Expires: 6pm, Jan 15
Premium Ligue 1 Conforama Rewards: 1 Ligue 1 Premium Players (Untradeable)
Serie A TIM Upgrade Rewards: 1 Serie A Premium Gold (Untradeable) Expires: 6pm, Jan 16
Premium Serie A TIM Rewards: 1 Serie A Premium Players (Untradeable) Expires: 6pm, Jan 17
Although many packs are untradeable, but if you want to improve your squad, you can use it. We will focus on the Promo Pack latest activities and report important news for you. Keep following us.
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