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- Bows and Arrows in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey May be More Powerful Weapons than Muskets

The three numbers do not represent pure values because the values fluctuate. After a lot of tests, the three sentences have basically the same increase in the damage rate. The higher the crit rate, the better the crit turns into damage the growth is strong, while the other two skills limit is limited. Suppose there are any two terms such as 30% full blood and crit turned into damage, you can increase the damage without war to 310w.
Elemental damage is sent without a brain, although the low value and the high value are slightly lower than the other two, but there is no threshold. Full of blood damage, even if you play the curse flow, there are cases where the war is not reported to be killed. The crit is transformed into damage and there is no brain bonus. The downside is that it depends on the support of the crit rate. We guess the base crit rate is 10%, and the fighter's passive crit rate is 10%.
Without a curse, the pure three words, the headshot damage reached 300w. Is it terrible, so it seems that the curse bonus is not so high, right? We know that the battlefield and the arena are mostly wheel battles, and there are many mobs.

Athens Soldier Damage


In order to test the actual combat effect, without a curse, with three words, there is no sixth sense during the day to directly kill the mercenary, and the damage of the battlefield. As you can see, these injuries are enough. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use AC Odyssey Helix Credits, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. You don't need a curse, you don't need a sixth sense, you don't need a night bonus, and a predator shooting a mercenary's head is a spike.
Selection of Other Inscriptions
First, the choice of fire and poison. We think poison is better than fire. Although you are a fire, the poisoned entry is on clothes and pants. Fire hurts on shoes and helmets. The helmet is going to hit crit damage, headshot damage, fire damage, and this is no longer in place. In terms of armor, my complete set of mercenaries is perfect as a fire injury. Can refer to the helmet to replace the Athens soldier damage with 25% crit damage.
Inscribed inscriptions according to the above priorities, pay attention to the flame and poison is always the highest priority, but you can not both such as taking poison bow, and then choose the flame helmet first. If you go to the fire or take the poison, just follow your own equipment. All special inscriptions on the armor are abolished for the bow except for the curse on the foot and the penetration shield. The armor's above the use of bow and arrow injury 40% the current version does not take effect, and then repair it later, it is necessary to repair after the repair.
In addition, the inscription on the damage to distant enemies, this inscription is basically a icing on the cake, you will find it when you solve the inscription. It takes 50 meters to count the enemy. Then definitely can't trigger the sixth sense. Ultra-remote sniper can be used, but it is not used under other conditions. And the injury is not obvious.
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