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Cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds - Bless Unleashed Soul Crystals what you are actually supposed to do with them

Bless Unleashed Soul Crystals are rare items you only get from defeating rarer bosses, but the MMO is less clear on what you're actually supposed to do with them.You have a couple of options for how to spend your hard-won Crystals. One of them is definitely not worth your time, however.

What are soul crystals used for in bless unleashed?
The Monster Hunter NPC allows you to exchange your Soul Crystals for Reward Boxes, class-specific Appearances, or Dyes. You can find them in major cities all over the open world.

Soul Crystals are only dropped by Unique Bosses, of which there is precisely one in each region of the game, although you can also encounter up to three in Adventure Dungeons. In either case, you can only battle them with a group of other players, with the boss's health scaling up to the group's average health. These are tough fights, but if you manage to overcome them you'll receive a lump sum payment from Soul Crystals, a special currency you can't get anywhere else.

How do I use my skill points?
As you level up during your adventures, you may notice a prompt stating that you received a skill point. These skill points can be used by going into your Blessing skills and selecting any available skill tree. From there, you’ll be able to spend your skill points to gain new skills or upgrades. However, be careful as these points cannot currently be reset.
Why are you using Soul Crystals in Bless Unleashed?
Adapted to such a rare currency, there is only one place where you can use Soul Crystals: with the Monster Hunter found in various cities. You can exchange crystals for him for cosmetic items like skins and dyes or monster boxes. Monster Boxes are the same as those dropped by the monsters they are named after; Presumably, this system is in place so that you can always get a particular box without having to fight its associated monster.

The boxes he sells are the same ones you get for defeating the eponymous bosses, e.g., the Bone Dragon box is what you also receive for defeating the Bone Dragon. The difference is you get the boss drops for free. The items inside are random and frequently disappointing, but getting low-level gear from a random drop is much less annoying than spending items to get disappointing equipment.

Will Bless unleashed get new classes?
When we release the Spear of Salvation update, we’ll not only be introducing the next chapter of Bless Unleashed’s story, and fishing, we’re also adding a new class level system, a Skill Point Shop for those who have an excess of SP, and a brand new attendance system! Let’s take a look at these features today!

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