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- As a 3D role-playing game, Sdorica has a hand-drawn chibi graphic style

After in September last year the game developed by Rayark Inc entered the open beta period, they finally announced that the game that will be released for the IOS and Android platform officially opened the pre-registration period for its global release. Previously, Rayark Inc itself was synonymous with rhythm genre games such as Cytus and Voez. For those of you who want to register for this one game, you can visit the official Sdorica Sunset website.

However, Sdorica – Sunset pairs this with a story-based RPG experience directly tied to the matching games.

Starting as many anime-based games often seem to do, you start the game far in the future, going through a tutorial section, only to be then propelled back in time to the very beginning of the story. A military officer meets a giant tiger, as well as a luckily a talented magic user, fully rounding out your party.

As a 3D role-playing game, Sdorica has a hand-drawn chibi graphic style. Background game will revolve around the story of Sdorica, game name and also the name of an ancient dragon that laid the foundation for this land. Unlike most other RPGs, the game will go into the journey of each character with different stories and will not completely have any character considered the main character of the game.

Often you're going to be confronted by a baffling number of menus, items, currencies, and much more beside. This is one of those games where you need to pay more attention to the meta than you do the actual gameplay.

Only just though, and that makes for quite a refreshing change. Plus everything here looks gorgeous. It's shiny in all the right ways, reasonably well written, and the character designs are spot on.

The gameplay is strong, the visual effects and animation pleasing and continuously engaging, so much so that you find yourself not properly reading the descriptions and text of the writing, instead focusing on the moving characters, silly dances and emotions they’re expressing oh so beautifully.

You could say that Rayark Inc's step was quite courageous in releasing this one game, because this was their first experience releasing an RPG genre game. Previously, this game itself was exhibited at the Taipei Game Show in January 2017, and received a warm welcome. The developer said that this game is planned to be ready for release in Spring 2018.

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