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- Apex Legends- Evo Shield Guide, Evo Shield upgrade instructions and the role of Evo Shield in combat

In Apex Legends, each character in this game has 100 points of health. Shield of different levels will provide 50~100 points of Shield. Shield has no damage reduction effect and can basically be regarded as additional health.

Rebirth Studio added a new item: Evo Shield in a patch in March this year. This Shield initially only has 25 points of Shield, which is less than the 50 points provided by the lowest-level white Shield, but players can upgrade their Shield by causing damage, up to 125 points, which is higher than the highest-level Shield. 100 points and more.
Evolving Shield from 75 points (blue) to 100 points (purple) through damage. On the one hand, this is a choice of risk and benefit.
If the player is confident in his marksmanship, he can choose to wear an Evo Shield and then upgrade it through battle, so that the player will have a higher Shield stably in the mid-to-late decisive battle, but the subsequent risk is the initial When the Shield has not been upgraded, its own health is very low, and if you move it carelessly, you may die. This is the same as the system in many Roguelike games that gives players some options. Players can choose the ratio of risk to benefit according to their own playing habits.
On the other hand, Evo Shield fits the game rhythm of Apex Legends very well.
Compared with BR games such as PUBG, Apex Legends encourages players to fight. This is reflected in the game's level design, information disclosure between players, and the benefits of battles. It encourages just guns and not to go. The core game rhythm of this BR game.
The launch of Evo Shield encourages players to fight even more. Most players hope to enter the mid to late stage with a higher Shield value. Instead of waiting for luck to pick up an Shield with a defense value of 100 points, it is better to upgrade Shield yourself, or even Can rise higher.
At the same time, if the player does not actively participate in the battle in the early stage and chooses to avoid the battle, it will open a clear Shield gap with the enemy in the middle and late stages, which is not conducive to the later battle.
APEX's information is very public. When the enemy detects our position, I also know that the enemy detects itself. Moreover, Evo Shield can reduce the randomness of the impact.
Shield is one of the core elements that affect TTK
Players with bad luck may not be able to pick up advanced Shield even after many battles, which will have a great impact on their performance in the finals. And Evo Shield can steadily allow players to upgrade through battles to ensure the strength of the finals. After the launch of Evo Shield, players all expressed their love for Evo Shield. Upgrading Shield is also an in-game growth experience that players like very much. After a while, all basic Shield will be officially removed from the shelves. Only Evo Shield is retained in the game. This is the success of the Evo Shield design. If you are looking for Apex Legends Coins, you can come to Here you can find cheap Apex Legends Apex Coins for Sale!
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