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- Apex Legends 2021 January Legends Tier List: Best Legends In 2021 First Month

When we enter the last month of Season 7 of Apex Legends: Ascension, we now have the best and worst legend levels in the game. We rank the legends by considering all the buffs and nerfs that occur, the abilities that each legend has, and their usefulness to the team and in one-to-one situations. From S to C, S is the best Legends in the game, and C is the worst legend.
These are the best legends to use in pubs or ranking matches. They have very useful skills that can be used in team battles or 1v1 situations. They also have no obvious defects, so there are hardly any disadvantages in using them.
Wraith Wraith has been one of the best legends in the game since the beginning. Her Dimension Rift is always useful in narrow places, and the voice of her passive ability Void warns you that the enemy is aiming at you, eliminating the surprising element.
Bloodhound Bloodhound is another Legend that has consistently been ranked as one of the best. The Eye of the Allfather ability reveals enemies and traps to you and teammates in tight quarters, and the Beast of the Hunt is top notch for one on one's.
Horizon Horizon is one that many players have found great use for. The best ability being the Black Hole, which pulls players in and allows you and your teammates to focus all your shots, or allows you time to escape.
It is still the core selected unit in the ranking competition. They are good at holding positions and at the same time provide good utility to any team. Some of them also clearly refuted other legends in Emperor Rose
Lifeline Lifeline is a wonderful supplement to the health of the team. There is nothing to increase offensiveness, but having a team that can heal teammates in combat is a huge help.
Revenant Revenant's Death Totem helps protect your teammates from death. This ability used before the battle makes him invaluable to your class.
Crypto Crypto's surveillance drones can help you and your team understand the surroundings. It also has an EMP that can absolutely destroy many Legends Ultimate, making him the best Recon Legend currently.
Gibraltar When your team recovers or gets cover, protecting the dome is the key player. When it comes to a person, his passive gun shield can also be a changer.
Pathfinder Pathfinder has always been a fan favorite, it is very suitable for use with the grappling hook, and very useful in your squad, can help you determine the scouting ability. Unfortunately, the hook of his grappling hook became very nervous, which is why he is no longer in the S rank.
Caustic Caustic's Nox Gas traps can help reveal an enemy to you and your teammates, but he's typically only very useful in tight spaces. Open field battles he is slow, and his gas traps are ineffective.
Bangalore Bangalore has always been a steady favorite of the fan base. Pairing her with other legends like bloodhound or Caustic makes her smoke screen incredibly effective, but her ultimate isn't as effective on Olympus.
Loba Loba has been nerfed and buffed a lot recently. While she's useful for looting in the beginning of the game, she's not as useful to the entire squad outside of that.
Mirage Mirage has great abilities for one on one's, but his abilities don't help the team at large.
Rampart Rampart's Sheila machine gun and amped cover can be useful, but if you don't set them up in the right spot, they can also be completely useless by leaving yourself vulnerable.
Octane Octane's down in the C-tier because of his team usefulness. The jump pad can help movement wise, but outside of that, it doesn't help much at all.
Wattson Wattson can help secure a building, outside of that, she's not of much use. She's consistently been on of the least used Legends, and it's very apparent as to why.
It should be noted that as more player skills are involved in the equation, the role advantage between each layer will become smaller and smaller. This means that even with layer F, the best players can play great games. However, in ranking competitions, team composition and positioning in the late game are very important.
The ranking match will be considered when judging the legend in this layer list. They also ranked according to the current way of playing: repositioning quickly, while using high ground and defensive structures later in the game. If you want to find Cheap Apex Legends Coins Price, you can go to, we have safe trade platform and we 24/7 serve our clients.
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