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Cheapest Aion Kinah For Sale - Aion story instills some loyalty to the players faction

Upon entering Aion's world for the first time, you can't help but notice how beautiful it is, and for the first few hours it seems that as much attention has been lavished on the engaging quests and interesting characters as has on the CryEngine-powered visuals. Play past the first dozen or so character levels though, and Aion's grind-happy design becomes increasingly apparent. Non-player characters with stories to tell make way for others who might as well be notice boards, and quests that are at least somewhat imaginative early on are replaced with a mind-numbing mix of deliver, fetch, kill, and collect objectives. Aion does a lot of things right, and it looks great doing them, but ultimately, you're too busy grinding while playing it to care or, perhaps, even notice.
Aion is an MMO that tries to offer something for everyone and succeeds at it, albeit in varying degrees and at different stages. On the surface, you'll find a visually stunning world to adventure in and explore, and this will initially draw the casual PvE gamer. Underneath the pretty wrapping is a familiar layer of elements that MMO gamers have come to expect - questing, skills, crafting, economy, socialization tools - in a highly polished state. At its core both literally and figuratively, is a faction PvP battleground called the Abyss, where gameplay involves Aion's most distinctive feature, the players' ability to fight while flying around on wings. Yet players can only enter the Abyss after they reach level 25 and prior to that, there is hardly any PvP except for suicidal forays into enemy territory.
Endgame on the other hand, is focused on PvP, which could be a disappointment for those who don't enjoy it unless more content is introduced by the time they get there. As it is, even before they reach level 20, players may encounter gaps that need to be breached by doing repeatable quests, which indicates a lack of appropriate level content. Even if it has appeared back in 2009, the game still looks stunning despite its age, and a lot of gamers surely play it because the locations are beautifully designed, the animations are solid and, of course, the character design is one of the most impressive ones that can be found on the market. All the major graphical technologies are there, so no matter where you go and what action you perform or what quest you complete, the game still looks as impressive as you might expect, and that is surely great.

To be fair, the game has made some strides forward in the performance department, cleaning up their network code and removing the need for Pando Media Booster; framerate issues and lag spikes are still common phenomena. Many players loathe and distrust the Media Booster, and many more have complained of crippling and inescapable latency over the years, and these concerns, at least, have been addressed. Many more have not, however, with the official North American website still lacking basic functionalities. MyAion, the online character database, simply does not work. The official game guide hasn’t updated for Dark Betrayal. Patch 4.5 is on the horizon, but the website’s class list doesn’t even feature the Gunslinger and Songweaver yet.
But due to the brief windows and restricted level caps NCsoft has employed in Aion's closed and open beta testing, it hasn't been possible to get a full picture of the Abyss yet - and it won't be for some time after the game's launch this week. Even if you were lucky and dedicated enough to level that far, you were pretty lonely, and the Abyss - which pits the game's two player factions against each other and a third, computer-controlled faction - will only come into its own with enough sufficiently high-level and well-organised players about.
Even though the Aion story is simplistic, it instills some loyalty to the player's faction. The major quests give way to appealing cutscenes that also give clues about where the player has to go next. Some major campaigns even have cinematic cutscenes with a voice leading the way. Even lesser quests that don't have any cutscenes tell a story, and there's always a reason behind the actions one is asked to perform. The mid-air PvP and PvE is very original, but don't get so distracted by the combat that the flight time meter is forgotten.
Overall, I cannot recommend Aion to just about anyone. Folks who were big into Lineage 2 might get a kick out it, but I don’t think this is the game for the Western audience. At its best, Aion plays like a constrained, low-content version of WoW. The game is not at its best frequently enough to give it even that small praise; Aion is simply a poor game.
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